The results of Kwark

28 04 2008

This is the final product of kwark.  This jelly like cake is similar (loosely) to cheesecake but more of a slimy, jello like texture.  Natural flavour kwark is bland, so you have to jazz it up with fruit or sugar.  The flavour isn’t that bad, the texture is another thing.  It almost reminds me of “cake” at El Mayor in Windsor.  Regardless they love it, and I could live quite happily with out it. 


Look up in the sky!!!

27 04 2008

I guess here in Amersfoort, hot air balloons are a common thing.  Still it’s kind of nice to sit in the yard and watch them float by.  Besides it gave me a chance to try out the zoom on my camera; which I’m still trying to get the hang of when it comes to some of these settings.  I would love to take a ride in one, I’m sure it’s a great way to get some wicked pictures of the land.  But I also have a feeling that I may have to employ Frank in the red light district to afford it!

We had 4 of them float over yesterday along with this really annoying plane that seemed to do circles above the neighbourhood.  If it shows up today I’ll see if I can get a picture of it. 

The green thumb comes from my mother…

26 04 2008


The backyard needed some love and attention after the winter.  So the other day I started clearing out one side of the yard and you gotta love the wet weather, it was all moss.  The good thing is that it took me hardly any time to dig it up, well actually rip it up since I was able to use my hands.  Brianna and Ashley both helped once they got home from school.  I cleared out a large patch, trimmed the raspberry bush, and once Frank got home we put in a border.  Today we went to Praxis, basically Holland’s version of Home Depot.  It has a large greenhouse and all the outdoor and indoor supplies needed.  We could only buy a few things since we walked there and were limited to what we could carry. 


But I did get my herbs for the large pot that Frank bought me a while ago.  So rosemary, oregano, thyme and lemon thyme are now in my backyard.  Plus we bought 8 seedlings of lavender; I put two in the pot with the herbs, and the rest in pots that I half buried in the dirt.  I’m hoping this will keep the cats out.

Yes we have a problem with cats, not Tabby though, just the other neighbourhood cats.  Particularly two black and white ones.  One of which decides to come into the house and fight with Tabby if we leave the window open!  I read somewhere that cats don’t like the smell of lavender so I’m putting it around the yard.  And if that doesn’t work then a slingshot might.

Frank also trimmed these huge evergreens that are growing over into our yard and then he dug out about a foot and a bit of grass and dirt so we can put the seedlings that Brianna planted in the house.  He also cut the grass with the new weed whacker, we don’t have enough grass to get a lawn mower.  In fact a hungry sheep could probably trim the lawn for us and at a faster rate. 

Tomorrow he and the kids are heading back there to get more lavender and some flowers, plus more rosemary and I think some sage.  I want parsley but I can’t find it and as for the chives are we are growing those from seed.  I’m going to plant the flowers in the pots the same as the lavender so that way when we move we can take it with us.  Also I think it looks different and if I don’t like where I put the pot I can dig it up and move it.

 Well time for beddie byes…….Frank’s making kwark pie?  cake? torte? ya… don’t ask.










Tip toe through the tulips!

22 04 2008

Ok…on Sunday I died and went to floral Heaven!   Frank and I took Ashley and Brianna to “Keukenhof” on the outskirts of Lisse. 


We took the train down to Leiden Station, then a bus to the Keukenhof.  The total trip time was about 2 hours one way, so not HORRIBLE but long enough.  Granted once we arrived there it was well worth the crowded bus.

The colours and smells of the gardens smack you in the face as soon as you walk in.  The tulips (my favourite) are everywhere and so where the daffodils. 

I never realized how many types of tulips there were, I knew there were different varieties but holy every time I turned around there was a new type of tulip!  The hyacinths were also in full bloom, and the sweet smell coming from them was almost overwhelming at times, especially for me since it can give me a headache.  But I sucked it up like a trooper and got some great pictures.  Both Frank and I both had cameras I had my new one and OCCASIONALLY let Frank play with it.  I’m still learning the gizmos and gadgets that come with the camera, but I was still able to get some good shots.  Frank of course managed to get some really beautiful pictures, even with my little camera.  The photographer in him never died.

If you ever make it to the Netherlands and you want to visit the Keukenhof, it is only open for about a month and a bit during the spring.

Just prepare yourself for the crowds and the long wait for the bus if that’s how you choose to do it.  After a few hours of walking around, I finally had enough.  The first clue probably would have been when I took out two teenage boys that where slamming their way through the crowd to get through.  Some how they ended up in the bushes…

Then we had to wait for the bus, I can’t believe people how they shove and push regardless if they are towering over kids.  Then again, the transit system was a little less to be desired since the bus SAT there for 15 mins before letting people on. 

Regardless though, it is a great place to visit and you can order your bulbs and have them shipped to Canada or the US or anywhere else in Europe.  They are kind of pricey but well worth it to get the bulbs to Canada.  I should have ordered some for us, but I’m really hoping not to be in this house next summer.

Today though I need to start the backyard, the weather is supposed to be amazing this weekend so we are going to have a bbq.  Anyone know a good coleslaw recipe? 


Planes, trains, and automobiles… no bikes yet…

16 04 2008

Well here I am… on VIA on my first leg to the Netherlands.  I’ve been up since yesterday at 11am.  For some reason I wasn’t able to sleep, I would lay down and the only thing that would come to mind was… did I pack this?  Did I remember to do that? What about the suitcases are they too heavy?  So needless to say, today is going to be a long day.  I’m going to try and get some sleep on the train but I can’t see that happening, there are too many people and they are loud already.  I didn’t remember to bring earplugs, but I do have a sleep mask if I need it.  Worse comes to worse I’ll sleep for a bit at Carrie’s and then maybe pass out in the plane. 

I am really excited to get to the Netherlands again, it’s been too long since I’ve seen him last.  These five weeks that I have with him and the kids will be fun and this is a great way for the girls and I to spend some time with each other and not be rushed like it usually is.  I have a project in the backyard to keep us busy once I clean it out.  We are going to be in that house for the summer at least so I might as well make it nice for us to spend some time out there when the sun does shine.  I have a few ideas as to what I want to do and I want the girls to help me.  I’m smuggling in some seeds to from Canada (ssssshhhhh don’t tell anyone).

Ok… Mr Via man is cranky at 6am!!  Holy!!!  No wonder I don’t take the train, one I’m getting nauseous trying to type with the train rocking, oh and lets not forget the HORN BLOWING!!!!  So much for sleep… sigh

Ok.. going to get off this and put the laptop away, I’ll probably type more at the airport since I have to sit there for 3 hours!

Alrighty now, I’m at Pearson after a quiet nap at Carrie’s.  What a mess.  I get here and my Martinair flight has been cancelled and now I’m on KLM, which really isn’t a bad thing since KLM is a nicer airline.  But now I have to try and get a hold of Frank to let him know that my original flight has been cancelled.   So here I sit waiting to board at 4:55…. Waiting…. Waiting…Waiting….

Finally I’m here!  After a long day I arrived at Schiphol on time and somewhat awake.  I think the only good part of the voyage was that KLM has better food and bigger chairs then Martinair, and I was able to get my own television in front of me so that I can watch my own movies and television shows.  So that helped pass the time while I was sitting there listening to a baby scream and not being able to put my seat back since I was in the middle seat… right in front of the washrooms.. UGH.

When I made it out of the airport into the main concourse of Schiphol/NS (Train station) there was Frank waiting for me with a long stemmed red rose and a monkey key chain, he knows about the monkey story Danielle! LOL!!  Taking the train back to Amersfoort then a cab to the house I arrived to welcome signs from Ashley and Brianna, and tulips and flowers all over the living room. 



This is by Brianna (above)

This one is by Ashley (above)



Some of the flowers that were around the house for me.

The nice thing about Holland, FLOWERS ARE CHEAP!   So I can always have fresh ones in the house. 

Tomorrow will be a “put crap away” day and try and get organized.  As for right now, my bed is calling!!!

Stoney’s farewell!

8 04 2008

On my last day at Saxco (well the last week actually) I brought my dog into work every day, since my former coworkers love him more then they love me.  Just remember who buys the stroopwafels people!!!

Here are a few parting shots of Stoney…


 Here we have Maria and Stoney (As she tried to steal him), then we have Anita and Stoney saying goodbye and thanks for all the animal cookies.


Marsha and Stoney for their final hug and him hoping for another T-bone.  And of course there is Helder trying to hold back the tears and Stoney wondering what’s for lunch.

He will miss you all.. there is one other buddy of Stoney’s that refused to be photographed and that was Debra.  Well Stoney says his goodbyes to you too :).

Only 7 more days for me before I get on that plane and I head over for the 5 weeks.  Stoney has been at Nonna’s and just rotten beyond belief.  He managed to escape off the front porch and the neighbours found him near an extremely busy road (Tecumseh Road).  He must have worked the knot on his leash loose and just went for it, so now he’s banished to the backyard and tied.  Of course Nonna’s beyond pissed at him. 

That reminds me… Frank dear… we need fencing for the backyard *bats eyes lovingly*