What does € 7,40 get you?

29 10 2008

This ………..


Now to give you an idea how much €7,40 is for two, that’s right… TWO…

Canadian – $11.94

American – $9.43

Pounds – £5.89

Denmark Krone – kr 55.1171

Thailand Baht – ฿ 329.493

Japanese Yen – ¥ 914.560

So you see…for a squash and a pumpkin it really isn’t a cheap meal!  This is going to be one expensive soup.

And yes I know I still have to do Day Two for Paris, that will be coming up shortly.  Right now I’m going to go gaze at my investment and maybe they will convert to gold or something.


Happy Gobble Gobble!

13 10 2008

Well Happy Thanksgiving everyone, here in the Netherlands they don’t celebrate this holiday so I miss out on the turkey and stuffing.  Also because I didn’t order the turkey in advance from the butcher… oh and because it costs a small mortgage to get one.  But nevertheless, I will have a turkey this year at some point.  Either for the US Thanksgiving in November (I’ll just stick a few Canadian Flags around the table) or at Christmas.   Either way I hope everyone enjoys/enjoyed their feast and gobble gobble!!!

1:20AM.. and I’m up…

6 10 2008

Well for some reason I can’t sleep, it could be that I really didn’t do much today, or the fact I didn’t roll out of bed until 11am, or just one of those nights where Mr. Sandman is a little late.  Either way, I’m up. 

So I made myself some hot chocolate and let me tell you.. this was the bestest,* most amazingest* hot chocolate I’ve had in ages!!  I used pure cocoa, with a little sugar, and a cinnamon stick… oh Nigella would be so proud!  And of course I did the treat my nonna would let me have, a piece of bread (white or light brown) to dip into the hot chocolate… mmmm…. yessiree bob it was a good cup!!  Now… off to bed.


* For all you English scholars out there or just nit picky people who feel the need to suddenly leave comments that I’ve used a word that doesn’t exist… YES I KNOW that “bestest” and “amazingest” are not words.  But at 1:25am and on a serious chocolate buzz, I feel those words best describe the hot chocolate.  Thank you that is all.

Ears like a little bat.

16 09 2008

While taking a break from stripping wallpaper for the majority of the morning, I thought it would be time to grab a quick snack before getting back to the grind.  So I made a favourite of mine, Knäckebröd (which is actually Swedish) and smeerkaas  (the Dutch version of cream cheese).  I sit down here at the computer to surf while eating when I feel a little pat on my leg.  I look down to see this…

Ignore the mess on the carpet, we are renovating and everything gets tracked through the living room.

What kills me is that he was outside, at the back of the yard sound asleep.  He didn’t even hear me make the snack.  It wasn’t until I took my first crunchy bite did the little beggar show up.  Of course he sat there and stared at me the entire time.  But not once did I bend, not once did he get just a smidgen of cheese or Knäckebröd.  Nope.. not… well ok, maybe just the corner of it.   How can you say no to a face like that??

Over use of cellophane.

25 06 2008

There is something I don’t understand in this country, and that is the need to wrapped vegetables up in cellophane instead of letting them be free. If I want a red pepper I have to exam it through the plastic wrap. I don’t get why they would do this, more hygienic? But you can touch the broccoli or zucchini or carrots with your bare hands to put them in the bag. I personally just find it to be a waste of plastic, especially in this day and age of trying to reduce, reuse and recycle. It just gives me more garbage to throw out. I know there is a little farmer up the road where I can go, but he doesn’t always have the vegetables that I need. Growing my own is an option, but I don’t have the backyard space and with Stoney around he does need some grass.  I’m trying hard to do my part with recycling in the house and reducing garbage.  We put all our scraps into the green bin, cardboard boxes are broken down put into the blue bin along with paper.  I use reusable bags to go shopping, not because they charge 10 cents for a bag but because I really don’t need that many bags in the house especially since I buy groceries daily.  So by the produce people, wrapping my veggies in suffocating plastic it just drives me nuts.  Let them be free!  A happy pepper is an unwrapped pepper.

All I want is a salad!!

1 05 2008

I’ve had this on going problem here in NL when it comes to salads in restaurants.  For some reason I can’t get a salad….lettuce…the green leafy stuff that goes well with things like cucumbers, tomatoes, or nothing at all but the leafy stuff.   I’ve had salads where I think 2 or 3 lettuce leaves were used and even then they were shredded beyond all recognition.  

For example, today we went for dinner at a very nice Dutch restaurant.  I wanted soup and salad since I’m not overly hungry.  I got that soup and it was really good might I add, even though Frank’s bowl had a piece of wood in it.  Then came my salad..


Now look closely, under the MOUND of extremely salty ham (which I’m not a fan of) and turkey there’s about 1/2 cup of salad that was mix in with blue cheese.   What’s the yellow stuff you ask?  Baby corn cut up.  YUMMY!  Then with the candies nuts on my plate it just added the final touch.  Really… would it kill them to slice up a head of lettuce?

*sigh* I’m going to have to start bringing my own romaine.

The results of Kwark

28 04 2008

This is the final product of kwark.  This jelly like cake is similar (loosely) to cheesecake but more of a slimy, jello like texture.  Natural flavour kwark is bland, so you have to jazz it up with fruit or sugar.  The flavour isn’t that bad, the texture is another thing.  It almost reminds me of “cake” at El Mayor in Windsor.  Regardless they love it, and I could live quite happily with out it.