This just might end up …

15 01 2010

becoming a baby blog!  I know,  I know… but I can’t help it!  She’s just too darn cute for me not to mention her with every breath.  Yes I sound like a typical first time mom, but so what!  LOL! She’s just my little bean! :D. 

Ok,  I’ll stop gushing now…

So it’s been 2 weeks since I’ve been home and I spent the better part of one week in bed resting after the c-section.  Honestly, I don’t understand why people  request those… I think I would have rather of given birth the other way.  But all in all, I’m feeling better and more mobile that now I can get out with Isabella to the small shopping centre and in to the city for a short jaunt.  My mom has been a huge help around the house with cleaning and making dinner.  Plus disciplining… gotta love the teacher voice!   Not too sure what I’m going to do when she leaves in February, maybe I’ll just hide her passport!

Isabella has been sleeping, eating, sleeping, eating, crying, sleeping, eating…and sleeping.  Except between the hours of 9 pm and 2:30 am, which seems to happy hour for her!  I have a hard time getting her to settle down at night and all she wants to do is eat.  When she finally does settle, the minute I place her in her crib she cries and yes, she is sound asleep when I put her in.  The only way she is happy is when she is laying on my chest and her bum is being patted.  Needless to say Frank and I are a bit tired.  One good thing is that she does sleep from 2:30 to about 6 or 7 am and then wants a small snack.   After all that she is content until 10 or so.  During the day, Her Highness sleeps all day!  Either way she’s a keeper.

 Poor Stoney still has his nose out of joint with Isabella, he jumps on my lap the minute she vacates it!   To be honest it is quite funny, but I know his poor little feelings are hurt.  He’s not getting his full on attention and his heart is breaking.  Here is a picture of Stoney ignoring Isabella.

I know this is a poor excuse for a blog, but I’m going to end this now since we are having company come by shortly.   Plus tomorrow we are heading to Germany to go shopping in Oberhausen, aaaaaaaaah a real mall!  Then on Sunday we are doing a drive tour of the Netherlands.  But before I go, I have another picture to show you….. below is a picture of Isabella in the outfit and blanket which my mom brought me home from the hospital!  The outfit and the blanket were given to me by my great-grandmother.


A new additon

3 01 2010

Isabella Lina Pavlica

Born : December 29, 2009

Time: 11:06 pm

Where: Amersfoort Netherlands

Weight : 8 pounds 2 ounces

Length: 20 inches