Quick updates for the past few weeks.

12 07 2009

A little while back a friend from Canada came to the Netherlands to visit her boyfriend,  so of course we did dinner (the four of us) at a wonderful Indian restaurant here in Amersfoort.  This place is a favourite for Frank and I, so we thought that going there with Danielle and Chris would be a great evening of amazing food.  As per tradition with this restaurant (A taste of India) they always serve more food then you can eat.   We pretty much rolled ourselves out of there! 

Then Danielle and I took a girls’ day and we did some sightseeing in Leerdam.  This smallish town is known for their glass work and after a quick tour of a small museum (the main one was being renovated), we headed over to watch some glass blowing.  glass blowers I think we could have stayed there all day watching them.   We left because it was getting a little crowded and also because my camera’s batteries wore out after the first little film I made!  GRRRRRRRR!   After sitting in awe for about an hour we stopped and had a bite to eat then wandered the streets.  Leerdam is a quaint little town and everything is close together, it makes it very easy to shop.  We also stopped at the church for some pictures and then headed home to relax before going out for supper at a pannekoekenhuis.   It was a great 011day and nice to see a Canadian face :).

Other events besides the obvious baby shopping,  I am no longer working – thank you Resources for wasting my time –  and AM looking but holy mamma there is nothing out there.  I had one interview for a company in Amstelveen which is located south of A’dam,  everything went well and I was even called back for a second interview, the problem is… DISTANCE!!!  Now if I was only taking the train to work then ok, I can deal with the hour commute… BUT when you tack on a tram ride for 30 minutes then I have an issue.  Plus if I miss the one train from Utrecht I have to wait another 15-30 minutes for the next one.  So the day of my second interview, my commute there was 2 hours and my commute home was an hour and a half.  Even if this was only for 3 months or so; I’d be dead by the time I got home everything.  So the answer to that job was a no.   Which is really too bad because I think it is a growing company with great potential and the people that I meet seem very nice… then again I thought that of the last job too.. hmmmm….

As for the house, we’ve put in new carpet in the living room and we are in the (ok Frank is) the process of switching bedrooms.  We needed the new carpet since the old one was dark blue and showed EVERYTHING!!!  This one is a nice beige with brown flecks and unless it’s black fuzz you really don’t see the lint.   Stoney has taken a liking to it, especially if he can cram his little butt in to a small sunbeam on the floor.Stoney sunbathing  He’s giving me squinty eyes because he doesn’t like his picture taken and also because he’s been a real suck lately!!  After this was done he sat there and started shaking and giving me sad eyes so that I would pick him up.  He’s getting worse in his old age.  He’s become possessive of his space and nipped Frank’s toes when Frank got too close to his bed.  I don’t know what’s going to happen in January, but I have to break him of this habit and suckyness.  I love him to pieces but he has to be on me, near me, in the same room as me, at all times!!  Quite annoying.


As for the bedrooms, we’ve taken the master bedroom back and we will share that with the baby for the first few months until we find something that has 4 bedrooms.   We bought Ash and Bri new high sleepers from Ikea so they can have their desk space and bed and still have some room in the bedroom.  Otherwise with the separate desks, they wouldn’t have any walking space.  Also it gives them a bit of privacy since I’m going to put up curtains so they can pull those closed when they want a bit of me time.  In their old bedroom, Frank has painted and laid out the linoleum.  We would like to put laminate down but that’s just way too expensive for a house we don’t plan on staying in forever.   But we still needed to spruce up the rooms for the baby. 

Frank is on vacation for the next two week, and well, as we know I’m doing the pogey shuffle even though I can’t collect pogey.

So for now I’m going to continue looking for work, be it full/part/temp.  I don’t care anything short of selling a kidney!  As for the pregnancy, I feel great and I still haven’t had any morning sickness or any other unpleasant experiences.  I had another ultrasound done at 13 weeks and the baby is doing well.  This week we have another check up and I can’t remember if we have another ultrasound, I believe so.  This kid is going to hate the camera before it’s born!

Ok, not it’s time to finish cleaning and see if Frank needs another beer! 

Since I’m not working I’ll probably be able to blog a bit more.