A rare treat!

21 12 2009

We’ve had snow in the Netherlands!   This is something that apparently doesn’t happen too often according to Frank… so I guess I brought a little bit of Canada with me the last two winters.   This weekend we got a good helping of the white stuff, at first it started with a light ground cover and that was really all I was expecting, then a little more snow fell, and a little more, until we have a good few inches on the ground.  Even Stoney looked at me like ” Seriously, I thought I left this crap back in Canada!”    The weekend was grey and typical winter, but this morning the sun is out and the snow look extra pretty!  I doubt we’ll have it for Christmas since it is supposed to warm up, but one can dream.

Just a light dusting

A wee bit more

The final count


I know that if I were in Canada I’d bitch about the snow, but once you don’t have it you miss it!


Once upon a time, I actually wrote faithfully in this blog….

15 12 2009

November as usual was a crazy month, and now going into December it really hasn’t slowed down all that much.  With Birthdays, Christmas, Sinterklaas, getting things for the house, the baby, the kids, just life in general I find myself tired for the most part. 

November was Ashley’s birthday and Nick’s first birthday, plus Nick’s baptism.   Plus in November it was my brother’s birthday and my uncle’s, granted I never did send out any birthday cards for either one!  OOPSY!  But they know I love them :).  Also in November I had my 32 week ultrasound, and this time the little princess decided to show her face!  The last 2 times I had gone in she was always facing my back so there was no way to get a profile picture of her, but this time the ultrasound gods were on my side and she stayed put.  The little bubbles you see are actually the umbilical cord.  After my ultrasound I went to visit the midwives in the hospital because my sugar levels were to high.  I come to find out that I now have gestational diabetes.  GREEEEEEEAAAAAAAATT!!!!   After having a fairly easy pregnancy, I now  have to give up the sweets!   In the beginning we tried to control my levels with diet alone, well that didn’t work so I ended up on insulin, at first just taking it at night before bed, but now I’m up to 4 times a day.  Yes, I’m insulin resistant!   Oh the joy.  Also to top things off, my levels still aren’t stable and it doesn’t matter what I eat or don’t eat.  So I’ve been trekking it to the hospital now weekly, which would be fine if I had a car, but we don’t.   The bus driver is my new best friend.  For the Windsor folks, it is about the distance from Forest Glade to Windsor Western but instead of basically taking the 1C the whole way you have to transfer 3 buses.  As of right now she’s going to be a December baby and not a January one like originally planned.   They said that I won’t go past the 38 or 39th week, which in one way is fine…but it also adds another birthday to the December list!  

My mom is going to be here on the 29th of December, and we’ve been trying to get a bed for her and new sheets and pillows.  It is a little hard to do shopping, since I can’t ride my bike anymore and we don’t have a car. I could take the bus into the city but the walking thing is getting a bit uncomfortable.  I feel like I’ve been horseback riding for 5 days!  I don’t really have that many of the pregnancy complaints, except that trying to get comfortable so I can sleep has been a challenge.  Oh and so has breathing since I now have a slight cold in my chest and I’m not sure if it’s asthma or allergies that are causing a cough.  Either way Frank says that I sound like a freight train in a wind tunnel at night… remind me to beat him later! 🙂

The month of December so far has been a busy one also, we had Sinterklaas on the 5th, Frank’s birthday (42nd) on the 14th, with Brianna’s on the 25th and Christmas the same day.  My dad’s is on the 22nd and my godson’s on the 23rd… plus with baby girl due in December now, this month won’t get any easier! 

Yesterday Frank and I had our pregnancy course, it was informative for as much as I could understand.  Frank did his best to translate as the lesson went on, but it is hard to whisper and listen at the same time.  I guess that takes the whole “no talking in class” to a new level.   For the most part I already knew some of the information that was being taught, just through internet, books, friends and the medical classes I took back in Canada; but there was some interesting things that were new and I would have like to understand that a bit better.  I guess I’ll have to figure it out when I go into labour.  Speaking of which, I’m still waiting for the official date of inducement!  I go on the 16th for another check up and I’m going to ask again about this.  I know it sounds pushy and so be it but with the amount of crap we have to deal with in the next 2 weeks, being a bit prepared would help a lot.  If my mom’s not here then we have to find someone to watch the two youngest ones and the dog just incase I have to spend the night.  Or if they induce and I’m in labour on the 29th then we have to figure out how we are going to pick up my mom from the airport.  I just don’t want to go next week since it’s the Christmas week and already packed with 3 birthdays… 4 if you include Jesus’.   I really want her to have her own day.   Oh speaking of which if they decide to induce on the 30th like previously mentioned and I basically told the midwife NO, she could be a New Years baby… again.. NO.   Picky I am.  Now I know that I can go at anytime and even with the inducement it may not happen according to plan… but lets just try to avoid it all shall we? 

We still have no idea what to get the kids for Christmas, it’s going to be a tight one this year and they are at that age where nothing seems to be right.  As for my family in Canada, my brother is taking care of that this year.  Next year I’ll at least be able  to send something once I’m working again.  Then it will be much easier!

Today Stoney is headed to the groomers for a trim and clean up. His nails are way to long and I’m tired of hearing the clip clop on the floor when he paces in front of the bedroom door.  Plus he’s looking a little homeless right now.  I prefer him shaved down nice and clean but I know that this time of year it’s too cold for him, even in a country where snow is a treat.  So I’ll just have the groomer clean up his face, belly, and paws.   I miss being able to dress him in his cute little jackets and sweaters, as much as he hated it, I loved it!  One of my favourite pictures of him is where I put is booties on for the first time with his sweater… the look is priceless.  I’m surprised he didn’t pee in my shoes while I was sleeping after that!  But I’m happy to get him into the groomers before Christmas so he’s a little more presentable! 

I’m finding it a bit hard to get into the Christmas spirit again this year, the temperature has dropped to below freezing but with the lack of snow or even HINT of snow, the HO HO HO just “ain’t”so!  I’m listening to Josh Groban right now sing about Christmas so it is helping a touch.  But I could use a good snow storm to get me more into the spirit.  Oh Huntsville I envy you…..

Well I’m going to cut this short right now since I have to get groceries and figure out dinner.. also the batteries in the key board are dying and making typing impossible!!