Stupidity… unfortunately this is just across the Canadian border.

24 03 2009

It is unfortunate that people like this are allowed to be on television and I think Fox needs to rethink who they hire to represent them.   The disrespect for our Canadian soldiers, especially when just recently we lost 4 more in Afghanistan is unbelievable.   We went there to support them, we have supported them, we still are supporting them.  Our troops are in one of the most volatile areas of Afghanistan, and this asshole thinks it’s ok to slam the Canadians who risk their lives daily. 

Watch the clip if you can stomach it.  Below is the news article from the Toronto Star stating his apology.   Maybe instead of sitting there looking pretty on camera, he should grab a gun and join the troops… any country…. pick one…and see exactly what they go through. 

Here is what the Toronto Star had to say about the apology.

OTTAWA – The host of a Fox News show has apologized for bashing the contribution of Canadian troops in Afghanistan, saying his “satirical take” on daily news events has been misunderstood.

Greg Gutfeld, host of “Red Eye” was responding to outrage north of the border about a March 17 segment that aired in the early morning hours but sparked a diplomatic flap when it surfaced on YouTube over the weekend, following the death of four Canadian soldiers in Kandahar.

The show’s panelists took a number of shots at Canada and the military, with one saying he didn’t know the country had even deployed troops in Afghanistan.

Another said the only reason the military could pull its soldiers out of the NATO-led mission was because it relies heavily for security on the United States.

Defence Minister Peter MacKay launched the counterattack on Fox’s Gutfeld, saying the comments were in poor taste and requesting an apology.

“I think it is a very limited, uninformed view. It is crass. It is insensitive and it is in fact disgusting given the timing, where Canada is just receiving back four fallen heroes … at CFB Trenton,” MacKay told CTV Newsnet shortly before travelling to the military base where the latest four soldiers to be killed in Afghanistan arrived today.

MacKay said that the views expressed on the show do not reflect those of the U.S. government, which has been effusive in its praise of Canada, nor the “vast majority of Americans.”

Fox offered up an apology a few hours later saying comments on the show were “in no way an attempt to make light of troop efforts.”

“I realize that my words may have been misunderstood. It was not my intent to disrespect the brave men, women and families of the Canadian military, and for that I apologize. Red Eye is a satirical take on the news, in which all topics are addressed in a lighthearted, humorous and ridiculous manner,” Gutfeld’s statement read.


The late-night show, “Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld,” featured a panel that took turns bashing Canada. One panelist said he didn’t even know Canada had troops in Afghanistan and another said the only reason the military could pull its troops out of the NATO-led mission was because it relies heavily for security on the United States.

A clip of the segment, which aired last week in the early morning hours, surfaced on YouTube over the weekend and kicked off the diplomatic flap.

Dan Dugas, a spokesperson for MacKay, said earlier today that “no one is laughing and they owe Canada — and, more importantly, the families of each one of our fallen heroes — an apology for their ill-informed mistakes.”

Canadian soldiers have been fighting in Afghanistan since 2001 and have spent the last four years in the country’s most violent region.

Canada has lost 116 soldiers in Afghanistan.

The country has said it will pull out most of its 2,500 troops in Kandahar when its current combat mission expires in 2011.

News of that impending withdrawal, and the army chief’s comments that the military would need a year’s hiatus to regroup and refurbish, served as the launching pad for members of the Fox panel to mock Canada.

I think they need to fire his dumb ass.


It only took me 20+ years to finally go!

18 03 2009

dscf1077My sweet brother took me to a Detroit Red Wings game tonight!  I love the Red Wings…. always have…. Ok, in all honesty I am madly in love with Steve Yzerman.   But I am a Red Wings fan in general.  Steve no longer plays with the “Wings” as he retired in 2006 after a glorious 23 season career.   But still I finally got to see my team play live.  Sad I know, but I guess living in Toronto for 15 years made it a bit hard to get to Detroit for a game.

Anyways… tonight they played the Flyers… and let me tell ya, the passing sucked rocks but all in all they WON!  So I’m really not going to write a whole lot on the game since I’m sure most aren’t interested, but I’ll post a few pictures of the 71 that I took including 3 videos.  Yes I know, I’m pathetic!  yzerman's number

This is Yzerman’s number.. they retired it last year.  He’s hanging up there with some of the greats like Gordie Howe #9.dscf1010

Some of the Cup Banners.

WarmupWarm up

Final Score

This was the final score… I took this right after the 3 goal was scored but the Flyers never came back to beat Detroit so 3-2 Detroit!!! 


I had such a great time, even though there were a few moments I wanted to go on the ice and shake them!!  I also may have suffered a minor coronary on a few of the shots.  But what matters is… THEY WON!!  WOOT!!!


Look on my flickr site (side bar) and there the videos and more pictures.

120-105= me getting ripped off.

10 03 2009

productI’ve had contact lenses for the better part of 18 years now and because my eyes are sensitive, I had to use the gas permeable contacts.  Which I love, I find them to be comfortable and easy to take care of, plus long lasting. 

Now those that wear contacts, know that solution isn’t cheap and we go through a fair amount of solution.  So in the end that’s a good size chunk of change that comes out of our pockets and goes into the contact solution companies.   So we like to save every last drop of solution and be as stingy as we can, because we know that the next bottle will cost us a kidney or a “donation” of some sort (use your imagination there people).

Therefore, imagine my surprise and disgust when I went to my local drug store here in Canada to purchase my solution so that I can bring some back to NL and I see a new bottle with LESS product but for MORE money!!!  Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm….

So this prompted me to write to the company and complain, below you will find my email:



I’m sure I’m not the first to make mention of this, and if I am then I’m sure there will be others who will follow suit concerning your new bottles that you have out for the Boston contact solution (all different varieties).  I noticed that not only are the bottles 15ml smaller then the old ones but the price has increased by 2 dollars for most stores. 


I thought that ok… maybe they are trying to save money, but when I saw the increase of price and the decrease of product I realized that you aren’t trying to save money but instead rip off your customers.  How do you justify taking away 15ml of solution for a “New Look”, but yet you hike the price?  Now really if I’m paying the extra 2.00 per bottle because your budget went a little over when trying to design the snazzy new flip tops; then for the most part I can understand that.  BUT why are you reducing the amount of solution in the bottle?  OH wait… don’t tell me, you are trying to save on packaging.  Got it. No problem.  But, and yes of course there will be a “but”, that means less packaging, less product to bottle the solution in, less money spent to bottle the solution, more space when shipping since you can fit more on a pallet thanks to the new sleek design, less cost for shipping, more money in the company.  So then since there is more money in the company why are you now charging an extra 2.00 a bottle?? I mean you just went through a massive reconstruction of the bottle design and cardboard box design so that you can make the consumer THINK they are still getting the 120ml in a bottle.  But in fact they are only getting 105ml in a bottle.  So where exactly is the extra 2.00 going if not in the bottle?


Slush fund for the CEO’s vacation? 


Either way I’m not impressed.  I’ve been using your product for the better part of 18 years.  I knew what bottle I had to buy and I knew how long each bottle would last.  Now with this new bottle and the 15ml less, I’m at a loss.  I have no idea if I’m going to be able to handle the flip top with out injury, or if the new “round” bottle will easily slip from my grasp landing on my dog’s head causing severe brain damage, or if the 15ml less product will turn my contact wearing life into turmoil because I might run out – no I will run out earlier then anticipated, or maybe in this economic crisis I will have to declare bankruptcy because the additional 2.00 per bottle will drain my savings.  Who knows what is going to happen, all I know is that after all these years of using your product, and I feel cheated.


I understand that companies are looking for a way to save money, but don’t rip us off by giving us less product and hiking the price in the process.  You want to save money, then find a way to do it on the inside with in the company.  Not by reaching into our pockets to compensate your budget problems.  The consumer is what keeps the company going, and if you start to take away then we are only going to find another product to go with, however inferior the product maybe.  I’m not happy in the least about this, and I’m sure you can figure out the math where you are going to gain in this and I’m going to loose. 


Feel free to contact me, I’ll try my best to read the reply if my internet doesn’t get shut off because of an unpaid bill.  The things I have to sacrifice to be able to see.

Now to see if I actually get a reply.  I doubt it, they are probably too busy counting my twoonies they reefed from me.


Well I got a reply…from the sounds of it they have their standard template all ready for this type of thing.

Dear Melissa,
Thank you for contacting Bausch & Lomb Canada.
We appreciate you taking the time to share your concern with us. 
Bausch & Lomb’s global manufacturing has decided to use the new bottles in order to have one type of bottle used world wide.
Where as before many different countries had different bottle types.  
As for the new prices at retail, we needed to make a price adjustment. We had not had a price increase for over ten years on the Boston products.
With the high cost of gas and transportation, we believe the price adjustment is justified.
If you can forward us your mailing address, we will gladly send you some rebate coupons.


Needless to say… I’m taking the coupons!!!!

Taking into consideration the country I live in….

4 03 2009

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