Just a mish mash

18 02 2011

Well I’ve decided on the name of my new blog…  My life in a diaper bag.  The reason being is that I feel that the new blog will just be a variety of things with surprises on the occasion.  A little like when you clean out a diaper bag.  Also because I’ve gone from oohing and aahing about purses to getting excited when I see a cute little girl’s outfit or a new gadget for kids.  

I loved the name “kicking off the clogs”  but really, I will always have a tie to the Netherlands and I’m sure a post will happen on occasion about it, so I haven’t kicked the clogs off competely. 

So on that note… this is the final entry.  If you want to continue to follow me you can do so at   www.mylifeinadiaperbag.wordpress.com  I hope to see you there!!!


Need a name

6 02 2011

Well I’ve decided to start another blog.  It may not be as interesting as the one I had before, but I enjoy writing and posting on here so with the encouragement of fellow bloggers I’ll give it a go.  But now the hard part… I need a new name for my blog.   I’m totally drawing a blank here.  I have nothing…. NOTHING I TELL YOU NOTHING!!!  Ok…sorry about that, I think the fact it’s 12:50am might be getting to me.

I can’t think of anything to start a new blog with….I would like something that includes Isabella in the name and the only thing I got was “My life in a diaper bag”  sad … pathetic… ya I know.

So here is a public plea……..HELP ME!!

So long for now….

1 02 2011

Well a change in events has prompted me to end the blog… for now.  I am no longer a Canadian in clogs, but a Canadian on Canadian soil once again.  End of December Isabella and I moved back to Canada to stay.   It wasn’t an easy decision but it was something that needed to be done to save sanity. 

I’m not going to post the details of why we came back…I would rather just keep that in the family. 

I am however going to say that people will be missed and I hope to see them very very soon. 

Now as for a new blog, I’m debating this.  I really enjoyed writing and would love to continue doing so.  I think that I’ll probably sit and think about this for a bit and then decide in a couple of days.  When I do finally make the decision I’ll post on this site with the link to the new site if people are still interesting in reading what I have to write.

If any one is interested in contacting me privately, my email address is in2treble at gmail dot com.  I’m not sure if they’ll let me put the email there or not…

Thanks for all the faithful followers!!!  Thanks for all the comments!!!  I had a wonderful time blogging and I’m going to keep on reading and following everyone’s.

All the best,


Formally “Canadian in Clogs”