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Who would have thought that I would pack up and leave Canada?  Move to another part of Canada yes, but leave the country I love so much?  To be honest, if you had asked me this question 2 years ago I would have said “not me”.  But now I’m over the ocean to a little country called the Netherlands.  More specifically, a city in the Netherlands called Amersfoort.


Amersfoort is located about an hour by train from Amsterdam, 30 minutes by train to Utrecht.  This central city of approximately 130,000 has a wonderful city centre where there are great shopping, restaurants, pubs, or ice cream parlours.  The centre square also has the market, festivals, and other special events.  You can watch the centre of Amersfoort by live feed web cam.  Click here –> maybe you’ll see us sitting out on the terrace enjoying a drink.

With its large train central train station, Amersfoort is one of the main connection stations on the rail route.  It also has two other stations, Amersfoort Schothorst and Amersfoort Vathorst, plus a decent bus system.  Public transportation is very accessible in Amersfoort.


Amersfoort is one of  the “walled” cities in the Netherlands. The whole city was walled, originally by an earthen wall, later by a stone wall. Some remains can still be seen.  A first defensive wall, made out of b rick, was finished around 1300. Soon after, the need for enlargement of the city appeared and around 1380 the start of a new wall took place, which was finished around 1450. The famous Koppelpoort is part of this wall. The first wall was demolished and at its place houses arose. The Muurhuizen (wall houses) street is at the exact location of the first wall; the front wall of the houses is founded on top of the city wall foundations.


The nickname for Amersfoort, Keistad (boulder-city), originates in the Amersfoortse Kei, a 9-tonne (19,842 lb) boulder that was dragged from the Soest moors into the city in 1661 by 400 people because of a bet between two landowners. The people got their reward when the winner bought everyone beer and pretzels. Other nearby towns then nicknamed the people of Amersfoort Keihoofd (boulder-head). This story embarrassed the inhabitants, and they buried the boulder in the city, but after it was found again in 1903 it was placed in a prominent spot as a monument


Amersfoort is a really a beautiful city to visit and has all the stores and amenities that you need.  It is very diverse in culture, religion, language, and architecture.  And from the looks of things it is contantly growing.  I think I’m going to like it here.



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14 09 2008
Vranz Van Maaren

Hi Melissa…!

Googling for NAARDEN, I came across YOUR blog.

Nice to read stories on your trips in Holland.

Hope you’re happy.

Stay healthy!

Vranz Van Maaren

21 02 2009

Hi Melissa,
While googling for Amersfoort I came accros you’re site. Good to hear you are so positive about it. Great pictures you made as well. I was hoping for pictures like that since I’ve been spending the past year travelling through Australia. I miss Amersfoort (you, as a travellar, know what I mean 😉 and the pictures really made me feel good.

Enjoy Amersfoort and have a save travel.

Cheers, Theo

6 06 2009

Awesome blog! I’m finding myself in the same position; I’m a Canadian seriously considering moving to Amersfoort within the next few years. I was there for a school exchange not too long ago and absolutely fell in love with both the city and the country.

I was just curious exactly how accommodating the people in Amersfoort are to long-term settlers? I mean they were all great when I was there, but I couldn’t be sure if that was all just an act haha.

6 06 2009

The people are nice…. as long as you blend in LOL. But that is mainly for all of the Netherlands. A’foort is a great city and right now they are celebrating the 750th anniversary.

17 11 2010

Hello Melissa!

I love your meticulous and organised and so very endearing.
I was looking up for Dutch lessons “in and around”‘ Amersfoort and your blog came out during google search.
I still haven’t found anything except Town Hall sanctiononed courses for newly arrived immigrants.
If you have any information I’d be very very grateful.
best wishes

melita miletic

PS I’m originally from Zadar,Croatia,lived in UK for many years,travelled for good part of those,settled in NL with my Dutch partner late last year and oh yes we had a lovely baby girly in March 🙂

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