Tip toe through the tulips!

22 04 2008

Ok…on Sunday I died and went to floral Heaven!   Frank and I took Ashley and Brianna to “Keukenhof” on the outskirts of Lisse. 


We took the train down to Leiden Station, then a bus to the Keukenhof.  The total trip time was about 2 hours one way, so not HORRIBLE but long enough.  Granted once we arrived there it was well worth the crowded bus.

The colours and smells of the gardens smack you in the face as soon as you walk in.  The tulips (my favourite) are everywhere and so where the daffodils. 

I never realized how many types of tulips there were, I knew there were different varieties but holy every time I turned around there was a new type of tulip!  The hyacinths were also in full bloom, and the sweet smell coming from them was almost overwhelming at times, especially for me since it can give me a headache.  But I sucked it up like a trooper and got some great pictures.  Both Frank and I both had cameras I had my new one and OCCASIONALLY let Frank play with it.  I’m still learning the gizmos and gadgets that come with the camera, but I was still able to get some good shots.  Frank of course managed to get some really beautiful pictures, even with my little camera.  The photographer in him never died.

If you ever make it to the Netherlands and you want to visit the Keukenhof, it is only open for about a month and a bit during the spring. 


Just prepare yourself for the crowds and the long wait for the bus if that’s how you choose to do it.  After a few hours of walking around, I finally had enough.  The first clue probably would have been when I took out two teenage boys that where slamming their way through the crowd to get through.  Some how they ended up in the bushes…

Then we had to wait for the bus, I can’t believe people how they shove and push regardless if they are towering over kids.  Then again, the transit system was a little less to be desired since the bus SAT there for 15 mins before letting people on. 

Regardless though, it is a great place to visit and you can order your bulbs and have them shipped to Canada or the US or anywhere else in Europe.  They are kind of pricey but well worth it to get the bulbs to Canada.  I should have ordered some for us, but I’m really hoping not to be in this house next summer.

Today though I need to start the backyard, the weather is supposed to be amazing this weekend so we are going to have a bbq.  Anyone know a good coleslaw recipe? 





4 responses

24 04 2008

You take some beautiful pictures honey, wonderful colors aren’t they?
So you found a picture of me to put in I see.

keep up the fun reading! (k)

28 04 2008

Well I think some of these are yours too 🙂 I loved that place and I want to go back! LOL!! Thanks for taking me.

31 05 2010
dede supriyatna

very beautiful……
i wanna go there….
ilike Tulip

8 05 2013
shobana wesley

netherlands is a beautiful place no doubt.

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