Dutch word of the day

15 06 2009


If you are unsure of what the answer is look below






That’s right “zwanger” means pregnant and that’s what I am 🙂

I’m due in the beginning of January and so far things have been just fine!  No morning sickness or nausea granted now that I said that I’m sure I’ve cursed myself and will wake up puking tomorrow.  I feel good so far, except for being tired and the occasional crabbiness but that isn’t any different from any other day hee hee. 

We are excited and have two ultrasounds so far.  I’m not far enough along to find out the sex but as soon as I know I’ll be sure to announce it. 

Here is one picture of the bean…



The lady doing the ultrasound was very nice but every time we saw a good picture she would take it just after the fact.  The little bean was moving like he/she had too much coffee!  Which by the way I’ve been clean and sober of any coffee or tea for the last two months.. *sigh*.

We are excited about the new addition and it give me a great excuse to shop!  We will stay in this house for another year or so then move to a bigger one… once I get another job since Resources decided not to renew my contract.  Ya that’s a whole other bleeping story!

But as for right now we are excited since my parents are becoming first time grandparents and my nonna is becoming a great grandmother.  Also it has been a while since a new baby has been in the family so this should be fun.

Ok.. I know this is a really short ending to this blog but read above about being tired.  Right now I’m forcing myself to stay awake long enough to type this.  9:48pm and I’m ready to crash!

The bean or rather the fig since it should be about that size it is right now and I say “Goodnight”.