O-o-o Canada!

28 08 2009

While watching So You Think You Can Dance Canada, I heard a tune that this guy used for his audition in St. John… LOVED IT!  So I thought I would put it on here for everyone to enjoy…especially the Canadians!


Pretty in Pink

20 08 2009

On the 18th we went for the 20 week scan and of course being the impatient person I am I had to find out the sex.  Well… IT’S A GIRL!! 

Poor Frank is really out numbered now,  with 4 from before and now this making his fifth I feel sorry for him at times.  The only other male in the house is Stoney and well I snipped him long ago.  I think I might get Frank some male fish to have some company.  Maybe  they can bond over football or something?? LOL! 

babyOf course as soon as I found out it is going to be a girl I had to go shopping for the first offical pink outfit!  I luck out because there’s a baby superstore not to far from me, so I can scoot over anytime instead of having to into the city.  We are actually getting the crib set from there and I have bought a few other things previously from the store so I do find the that the price really isn’t that bad.  Granted clothing in this country is just expensive in general.  Really?  30 euros for BABY pants? 30??  I don’t think so!   I did get a few more things yesterday as I went into Utrecht for an intake with Accountemps.  Yes they know I’m pregnant but they are going to look for temp work right and keep me high on the list for when I decide to back to work full time.  It was   placed me with Saxco many moons ago!  But back to baby stuff… I found another superstore in Utrecht and without realizing it,  there was another one on the next street over.  I guess I’m just going to have to go back to that area to take a peek.  I managed to spend a few euros at the Baby Planet and bought a purple jogging suit with a  hoodie and a few other items that we need.  I would like to go back I think once we return from our trip to the UK to see about the tummy tubs, I think they were priced less then some other stores.  At the station I went to Prenatal to see what they had and surprisingly enough the clothes were cheaper there.  So I bought a little overall jean skirt and a winter jacket!  I love the jacket, it’s so soft!!!  The nice thing about being here and having a winter baby is that it doesn’t get as cold as it does in Canada so I don’t have to worry about those massive baby-can’t-move snowsuits.  Also a cousin bought bought me a snuggly for the stroller that is fleece lined, so she’ll be toasty warm.

The next thing on our list to do is trying to figure out a name….why are we doing it so early you ask? Well Frank and I have different taste on names, I like unique ones (I’m not talking like Moon Unit or Rainbow love)  but I want one that is a little less traditional.  And he likes traditional.   So we have to agree on something.  The middle name is done, signed, sealed  and delivered.  There’s no changing that.  We have also decided that once we picked the name we aren’t saying anything until she arrives.  We want to keep something a secret! 

Right now I’m enjoying the shopping part, buying girl stuff is great! 

I just need a job to support the habit!