Stoney’s farewell!

8 04 2008

On my last day at Saxco (well the last week actually) I brought my dog into work every day, since my former coworkers love him more then they love me.  Just remember who buys the stroopwafels people!!!

Here are a few parting shots of Stoney…


 Here we have Maria and Stoney (As she tried to steal him), then we have Anita and Stoney saying goodbye and thanks for all the animal cookies.


Marsha and Stoney for their final hug and him hoping for another T-bone.  And of course there is Helder trying to hold back the tears and Stoney wondering what’s for lunch.

He will miss you all.. there is one other buddy of Stoney’s that refused to be photographed and that was Debra.  Well Stoney says his goodbyes to you too :).

Only 7 more days for me before I get on that plane and I head over for the 5 weeks.  Stoney has been at Nonna’s and just rotten beyond belief.  He managed to escape off the front porch and the neighbours found him near an extremely busy road (Tecumseh Road).  He must have worked the knot on his leash loose and just went for it, so now he’s banished to the backyard and tied.  Of course Nonna’s beyond pissed at him. 

That reminds me… Frank dear… we need fencing for the backyard *bats eyes lovingly*



2 responses

13 05 2008

Nice pictures

13 05 2008

Thanks mom

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