I’ve become one of them…

4 09 2008

I thought this would never happen, I blame having too much time on my hands being unemployed…


I actually went to three different places today to get groceries.  Three!  Trois! Tres! Drie! (see I am learning Dutch).  First to the markt that is held here in Emiclaer.  But I love my chicken guy, his breasts are plump and juicy,  his legs are to die for,  and when I want the whole of it, it’s lean with very little fat.  Delicious.  Don’t worry dear, I am talking about the chicken.   And today he had pre-cooked ribs, no biggie, I still froze them and we can re-heat on the bbq when I want them.  Also the cheese was on sale in the market and the eggs were cheaper so I picked up a few of those.  Then I headed over to the Aldi in Hoogland, I’m beginning to know the area well enough I can go alone.  Aldi is like the Candian version of No Frills, only German.  Some things are a lot cheaper then at the C1000 (Dutch version of Dominion).  Then I headed over to the C1000 to finish my shopping adventure. 

I never understood people that would go from shop to shop to save a few pennies, I used to laugh at them, mock them,  roll my eyes when I saw the different bags in their cars…now…I am one. I can see my mother shaking her head as she reads this.




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4 09 2008

You need to get a life…find a job….make friends….. volunteer….get out of the grocery store…..

4 09 2008

Hey Melissa! I just found your blog. I just moved to Amersfoort (Kattenbroek) last week. I am still surrounded by boxes everywhere. Ugh… I am French but spent almost 25 years in the U.S., and then ten near Paris. I have weathered culture shock American style, then reversed culture shock (hard!), and so I am looking forward to this new experience: a country where I don’t understand a word! I love it already.

4 09 2008

Thank you mother…

Annie: Hi there! Welcome to Amersfoort, I’m beginning to really like this city and the area of Kattenbroek. I’m also in Kattenbroek. The nice thing is that in Kattenbroek,everything is a 15 – 20 minute bike ride, to the city, Hoogland, Ikea…etc. If you have any questions let me know and I’ll be glad to help.

5 09 2008

This I have to see for myself!!!


5 09 2008

Zia: Avert your eyes… it isn’t pretty…

5 09 2008

I used to live in Amersfoort and have fond memories of Hoogland and Emiclaer. I think they should be holding that horse festival very soon (if it hasn’t already happened). I went to the festival two years ago and really enjoyed it. 🙂

9 09 2008

Enjoy! 🙂
I miss the days of shopping in one, large store where they held everything under one roof. Going through one checkstand.. I didn’t care if I spent 10¢ more for a bunch of bananas. I wasn’t going anywhere else. Now I do this too: Going store-to-store. When weather permits. Because I ride my bicycle everywhere & my husband is no fan of grocery stores.

Btw: I love how you compare here places with stores in Canada. Very cool!

6 10 2008
summer picnic

Ah, I know exactly what you mean. I never understood when my mom would shop around. Now, I get my everyday goods at the local grocery store, the “good” meat and fish from Whole Foods, and produce and other goodies from the farmers’ market. Who knew I was a Dutch shopper?

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