I’ve become one of them…

4 09 2008

I thought this would never happen, I blame having too much time on my hands being unemployed…


I actually went to three different places today to get groceries.  Three!  Trois! Tres! Drie! (see I am learning Dutch).  First to the markt that is held here in Emiclaer.  But I love my chicken guy, his breasts are plump and juicy,  his legs are to die for,  and when I want the whole of it, it’s lean with very little fat.  Delicious.  Don’t worry dear, I am talking about the chicken.   And today he had pre-cooked ribs, no biggie, I still froze them and we can re-heat on the bbq when I want them.  Also the cheese was on sale in the market and the eggs were cheaper so I picked up a few of those.  Then I headed over to the Aldi in Hoogland, I’m beginning to know the area well enough I can go alone.  Aldi is like the Candian version of No Frills, only German.  Some things are a lot cheaper then at the C1000 (Dutch version of Dominion).  Then I headed over to the C1000 to finish my shopping adventure. 

I never understood people that would go from shop to shop to save a few pennies, I used to laugh at them, mock them,  roll my eyes when I saw the different bags in their cars…now…I am one. I can see my mother shaking her head as she reads this.


More then just fish

20 08 2008

A few days ago (yes I know I’m behind in the blogging), we headed back to Spakenburg.  This time around we took Stoney with us.  I think he’s starting to really enjoy the rides now since he isn’t as tense in the basket, also he moves a little more when he sees things that he likes; which doesn’t make it easy for me since when he moves I have to adjust to the shifting of the front handle bars.  Although, he does start to whine whenever he sees sheep for reason, I don’t know if he wants to go play or if he thinks they are going to come after us. 

When we arrived at Spakenburg the market was going.  So we took a stroll around the square and I saw a sign that said “Quilts”.  Since I can’t sit still long enough to sew a button on, making a quilt is out of the question.  So I have to rely on the talent and patience of others to make pretty crafty things.  I would love to be able to do all the artsy stuff like my friend Tammy.  But back to the blog… I went to go see what the “Quilts” thing was and it turned out to be a museum the Klederdracht en Visserij.  The museum is run by the ladies of Spakenburg and it was a display of the traditional dress that they used to wear, some still do, in the town.  The women that work the museum still wear the dress, some daily while others only on Sunday.   The tour lasted about 30 minutes and from what I could tell our guide was very informative… the tour was in Dutch, but they did give me a sheet of paper with the translation for the stations of the tour.  For the price of 6, 50 for all of us plus the dog, it was worth it. 

I was able to take some pictures of the museum showing the dress and the boats that they used for fishing.  They had displays on how they would use the netting to catch the fish.  They also had quilts up on the walls, and the tour guide said that this was a skill that they learned from the US and Canada.  All the dresses and accessories are handmade by the ladies of the town, the stiff shoulder looking vest are starched beyond belief and literally feel like cardboard.  The small cap that they where are crocheted and are so delicate. 

They had a small store in the museum and the all the items there are made by the ladies of the church.  The small crotched caps they wear were also for sale and really at a reasonable price.   We picked one up for the cabinet along with the pipe from Gouda

I know we are going to head back to Spakenburg before the summer is up, and who knows maybe I’ll go back to the museum and take another walk around or buy a new cap.  I want to wander a bit more through the city and hit all the small little side streets.

I think Frank is slowing trying to kill me….

2 08 2008

We went for another bike ride today…yup…can no longer feel my left butt cheek.  Nor can I feel my right hand, so please excuse any typos that may occur.  My legs feel like jello, my back is stiff, and my allergies went haywire on the ride home… BUT MAN DID WE HAVE A GREAT DAY!!! 🙂

We took the kids to a beach that is pretty much 1/2 way between Spakenburg and Nijkerk, if you use “Melissa measurements”.   Last time we went in that direction we went to Spakenburg and took the dyke back to Zevenhuizerstraat to get home, this time we took the same street and went right up to the dyke and headed in the opposite direction, to the beach.  It was a cute little beach located on the IJsselmeer, where the kids can swim and we can watch the boats go by.  The weather was questionable at the best of times, it seemed that as soon as we arrived the clouds decided to join us, so it got a bit chilly once the sun was gone.  But we had a good time with a picnic and watching Stoney enjoy his freedom of being off the leash for a bit; that was until he decided to poke his nose into some unsuspecting person’s lunch bag.  Luckily he was noticed before taking off with the goods.  We were probably there for a good couple hours before it was time to go and head back home, of course in true Frank fashion… the long way home ;). 

We ended up in Nijkerk, ok… love Nijkerk!!  Just a cute little city, with a WONDERFUL city centre.  Adorable stores and the small side streets with the bars and cafes that line them. We stopped for ice cream after picking up a Christmas present for Michelle (hey it was on sale).  As we were about to leave we somehow ended up in what looked like the city square.  They were just packing up the markt that must take place there every Saturday.  But this looked more like an antique type markt, with old pots, baskets, wash basins, and even a spindle.  I would love to have that in the house for decoration but we just don’t have the room. They also had some nice glass wear and a few old Delft tiles and pottery, but I have to double check to make sure it was the real stuff and not some knock off.   I would like to go back to Nijkerk and spend more time there to look around and go to the museums or churches.   It would be a city we’d consider living in if we do buy.  The houses there are reasonable and a lot cheaper then here in Amersfoort, but if moving there was an option then we’d also have to get Frank a mode of transportation other then the bike.  A’foort is about a 20-30 minute bike ride from Nijkerk.  Hopefully when Frank is on vacation in a few days we can head back here for another visit.  

On the bike path back to Amersfoort we came upon a few… just one or two ducks.  Ok  there were a bunch of ducks and as soon as we stopped the bikes a mamma duck came towards us at lightning speed.  Well as fast as a duck can waddle.   But they were all asleep at the side of the fietspad and even the bikes didn’t bother them.  They didn’t have a care in the world. 

The trek home was a bit difficult since the wind was coming right at us.  It probably took us longer then it should, but with the dog sitting up and adding to the wind resistance, my legs were about to fall off.   But when I saw the sign for Amersfoort I swear I heard angels singing it was a glorious sight to see that blue sign.  By this point we were all ready to just go home and chill out with pizza for dinner and a movie.  Right now as I type this the kids are watching “Grease”…. *stands up and does dance moves to “Grease Lightening”*.

Doggy in a basket

25 07 2008

Stoney can now join the ranks of the Dutch by being able to enjoy a nice bike ride!  The other day we bought him a basket that attaches to the front of my bike.  I have him harnessed inside with a towel down for a little comfort.  The basket is big enough for him to sit up, but because it get narrow at the bottom he can’t quite lay down all the way.  I’m going to put another blanket around the sides of the basket to make it a bit more cushier for him.   He’s taking the whole ride thing in stride, and I think he realizes that now he gets to come with us instead of staying home with the mean hissy pissy cat!  I like that I can take him pretty much anywhere we go now, and the weather has finally started to warm up and the sun is out.  So I think tonight we can go for another bike ride to Hoogland, and out a bit ways near Soest or Baarn.  Hopefully tomorrow will be another nice day so we can go out again, maybe pack a picnic and let the dog run around some fresh land.  Just pray the rain holds off for another 2 days.  Otherwise he will be subjected to riding in the basket again WITH the orange rain coat, like down below.

Before and After

23 06 2008

Before I went to Ikea…

After I went to Ikea…

And for those of you wondering, yes that is my bike and yes those are saddle bags on my bike.  And yes I rode my bike to the store and back.  Ikea is about a 15 minute bike ride from where I live.  The smooshed thing is another bed for Stoney, he has his nice one upstairs in the bedroom and this one stays downstairs so that he has someplace to go other then the cat’s bed.  Who by the way isn’t taking it too kindly to having a dog around.