Love internet shopping.

11 09 2008

This is for my friends who can’t believe I spent so much money on 4 items via the Internet.  But I am telling you this mascara and eyeliner are OMGSOFREAKINGAMAZING that it is worth it.  The site is and YES baby they deliver to the Netherlands!!  And the delivery price was great, only $5.95 (US) for International Direct shipping from the US.  Which took about 10 days to get to me, not that I was counting the days from when I ordered it. 

My mom bought me my first mascara, and she was introduced to it by her colleague Denise (for you Essex County readers…Look for the Laser Eye surgery tv ad – CBC-  she’s the teacher one). 

The whole idea of the eye makeup is that you don’t need soap or chemicals to remove it.  At first I didn’t like the mascara since I was use to the new wand that was out, but once I started to use it on a daily basis, I forgot about the old stuff and now this is new love.  As for the liner it took me a few tries to get it straight, but now I can do the one handed application like a pro. 

As I mentioned above the best thing is that you only needs lots of warm water to take it off.  The mascara literally comes off in the shape of your lashes.  That’s because it “tubes” your lashes not “paints” them.  As you can see in the picture the strands of black is the mascara.  It doesn’t run or smear or flake (hello contact wearer here).  I’ll be honest… the best part is taking off the mascara, I have more fun taking it off then putting it on or wearing it.  Yes I know before anyone comments, I need a life.  As for the eyeliner, you just run your wet finger along your lid and it comes off in a strip. 


So if you are wondering if the money is worth it… OMG YES!




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11 09 2008

Im always on the look out for new makeup and this is a great find! I wear contacts aswell and by the end of the night, my eyes are red and irratated from my contacts. As for the delivery price, you cant top that. Thanks!


12 09 2008
Breigh (Canadutch)

If I wore makeup, I would totally spend loads on it. My problem is I rarely ever wear it and I usually end up keeping it way too long. They say you should only keep certain makeup for up to like 6 months. Some of the stuff I use doesn’t get used at all in that time! It’d totally be a waste of money for me.

Although, if it came off that easy I might wear it more!

14 09 2008

I gave up on eye makeup years ago. Too much upkeep. I’m pasty pasty white with oily skin — the worst combination because it only takes 30 minutes for it to sliiiiiiiiiiiide down my face…at 47 I’m a tad too old to look like a goth!

Will keep this in mind though because I do miss experimenting with makeup like I did as a kid…

14 09 2008

Breigh: Mascara and liquid eyeliner if you don’t use it daily then you can keep it for 6 months, but if you use it all the time then 3 months is usually the max especially for mascara. It’s the taking off that I love lol. If it weren’t so expensive I would just put it on.. take it off.. put it on.. take it off lol.

Beebs: The great thing about this mascara and eyeliner is that it doesn’t slide! I have the same problem. But I’ve seen pictures of you on your blog and tbh you don’t need make up 🙂

Decora: I have yet to have to have any problems with this product and my contacts. I’ve tried a ton of mascara and eyeliners and this one is the by far the best for me. Thanks for stopping by everyone.

14 09 2008

My Mum loves that mascara too, she’s always raving about it! The only thing I spend a lot on is make-up but tit’s definitely worth it and it’s not often I need to replace things.

I like your flowers. My Cloggie bought me red roses (and a vase) on Friday too. 🙂

21 09 2008

This sounds like a great find. I use waterproof because I don’t want smudges and it running down my face if I shed a few tears (which has been known to happen) buit’s not the easiest to remove.

THanks for the tip.

Nice to meet you by the way, I’m Lori, and also married to a Dutchie. I originally hail from the U.S.

Have a great evening!

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