Need a name

6 02 2011

Well I’ve decided to start another blog.  It may not be as interesting as the one I had before, but I enjoy writing and posting on here so with the encouragement of fellow bloggers I’ll give it a go.  But now the hard part… I need a new name for my blog.   I’m totally drawing a blank here.  I have nothing…. NOTHING I TELL YOU NOTHING!!!  Ok…sorry about that, I think the fact it’s 12:50am might be getting to me.

I can’t think of anything to start a new blog with….I would like something that includes Isabella in the name and the only thing I got was “My life in a diaper bag”  sad … pathetic… ya I know.

So here is a public plea……..HELP ME!!




5 responses

6 02 2011
Breigh (Canadutch)

A Canadian in… Canada?
Melissa Reloaded?
Back in the Saddle?
Finally Free? haha

6 02 2011

No Isabella in the name but…Kicking off the Clogs?

I think it could be an interesting new direction. Lord knows single moms get enough flak nowadays (and in my day, come to think of it…if I had a loony everytime somebody would say, “But you’re DIFFERENT!”)…busting up a few stereotypes could be interesting…

6 02 2011

LOL! @ Breigh – I think one of those would get me in serious trouble!
@ CW – oh I like that one to! Maybe if I get enough suggestions I could do a vote. I like all the ideas here.

6 02 2011
Tatjana Boskovic

Proposal for blog

Four generation (grandmother, mom, I and Isabella) – struggle, hope, desire, ideals…

My love and support for you!

7 02 2011

I like that Kicking off the Clogs idea!!

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