Stuck in the Middel(burg) with you….

3 09 2008

After our trip to Vlissingen we took the train to Middelburg, the capital of Zeeland.  I really can’t tell you too much about the attractions in Middelburg since we got here at 5pm and everything was closed.  Now this is going to be a bit of a “About the Netherlands” rant.  I don’t understand why a city like Middelburg or Valkenburg, where it is fairly touristy would roll up the sidewalks at 5pm during tourist season?  I mean, there are tourists around willing to spend money, lots of money.  I know everyone wants to go home and spend time with the family, but that is what students are for.  I wanted to go up the Lange Jan (the belfry), but I would have to be able to climb up the 207 steps and down in 15 minutes.  Ok so that’s not going to happen. And we all know that they wouldn’t bend to let us up and give us the extra time.  So that didn’t happen.  Then I wanted to go into a museum, but that closed at 5 also…and anything else we wanted to go into.  So, still not understanding why you would close up shop at 5pm in the middle of summer during tourist season.  Annoying really. 

So all I can offer on this post are some pictures of Middelburg, I do hope to get back there one day soon so that I can tour the city and go up the Belfry and into the museum.  Oh we did go into the church attached to the belfry, but because they were closing I didn’t get any information on it, just pictures.  I do have to say it was a beautiful church, and it had a chapel attached that had a refurbished organ.  I would definitely love to go back into the church and take a tour.  There is a convent that is also attached to the church.  I’m going to have to do more research on the church and area before going back. 

Middelburg is a gorgeous city, with wonderful history, architecture and climate; as Zeeland receives the most sunshine in all of the Netherlands.  It also had a significant role during the 1953 flood

Well since I’ve run out of things to say concerning this city, I’ll leave on some departing photos of the church and the area.  You can also see more on the flickr account to the right.