It only took me 20+ years to finally go!

18 03 2009

dscf1077My sweet brother took me to a Detroit Red Wings game tonight!  I love the Red Wings…. always have…. Ok, in all honesty I am madly in love with Steve Yzerman.   But I am a Red Wings fan in general.  Steve no longer plays with the “Wings” as he retired in 2006 after a glorious 23 season career.   But still I finally got to see my team play live.  Sad I know, but I guess living in Toronto for 15 years made it a bit hard to get to Detroit for a game.

Anyways… tonight they played the Flyers… and let me tell ya, the passing sucked rocks but all in all they WON!  So I’m really not going to write a whole lot on the game since I’m sure most aren’t interested, but I’ll post a few pictures of the 71 that I took including 3 videos.  Yes I know, I’m pathetic!  yzerman's number

This is Yzerman’s number.. they retired it last year.  He’s hanging up there with some of the greats like Gordie Howe #9.dscf1010

Some of the Cup Banners.

WarmupWarm up

Final Score

This was the final score… I took this right after the 3 goal was scored but the Flyers never came back to beat Detroit so 3-2 Detroit!!! 


I had such a great time, even though there were a few moments I wanted to go on the ice and shake them!!  I also may have suffered a minor coronary on a few of the shots.  But what matters is… THEY WON!!  WOOT!!!


Look on my flickr site (side bar) and there the videos and more pictures.