Ty Pennington has nothing on my guy!

18 09 2008

We are in the process of redoing the hallway since it is the first thing people see when they walk in, I wanted to freshen it up a bit and then we’ll start on the living room.  But right now we have stripped the walls of the old wallpaper, patched up the holes and sanded.  Frank has already started to edge the walls tonight and tomorrow I’ll continue with the primer.  I really would like this to be done by the weekend, I’m anxious to finish it.  The colour scheme we are going with is, a sage green (very grey green) on the walls with black for the stairs and railing.  Our floor is fairly light so it will still keep the room bright, plus we have a beautiful mirror from 1933, that is the dark wood frame.  I’m going to get pictures of the kids in black and white and they will either go up the stairs in different sized frames and scattered along that wall or on the wall leading to the living room. 

If you notice our front door is yellow, I can’t do anything about that on the outside because we are in a rental unit and they will paint over it.  Our window frames are pink if that gives you any indication of the colours scheme they were going for here in Kattenbroek.  And it’s not just pink, no no … it is a lovely bubblegum pink. Oh and let’s not forget the baby blue door to the shed.  Again… rental… we can’t paint the outside. 

But back to the blog… the inside is slowly coming together, and Frank is doing a great job!  I have my own Ty here with out the annoying megaphone!