1:20AM.. and I’m up…

6 10 2008

Well for some reason I can’t sleep, it could be that I really didn’t do much today, or the fact I didn’t roll out of bed until 11am, or just one of those nights where Mr. Sandman is a little late.  Either way, I’m up. 

So I made myself some hot chocolate and let me tell you.. this was the bestest,* most amazingest* hot chocolate I’ve had in ages!!  I used pure cocoa, with a little sugar, and a cinnamon stick… oh Nigella would be so proud!  And of course I did the treat my nonna would let me have, a piece of bread (white or light brown) to dip into the hot chocolate… mmmm…. yessiree bob it was a good cup!!  Now… off to bed.


* For all you English scholars out there or just nit picky people who feel the need to suddenly leave comments that I’ve used a word that doesn’t exist… YES I KNOW that “bestest” and “amazingest” are not words.  But at 1:25am and on a serious chocolate buzz, I feel those words best describe the hot chocolate.  Thank you that is all.