1 11 2010

As many of my family and friends know, I’m a huge Winnie the Pooh fan.  I love Pooh and all his friends with Tigger ranking right up at number 2, behind Pooh of course.   So when it came to the limited choice of Hallowe’en costumes for Isabella, Frank decided that Tigger would be the best one.  I wanted her as a lady bug or a cute little animal, but I didn’t have the great selection here like I would in Canada. 

Now back to Tigger,  these are actually pajama’s but they are still adorable, and the hat just makes the outfit.  The only thing I didn’t do was sing the Tigger song to her like I use to do with my cousins Jamie and Adam.  Isabella had just eaten and she wasn’t feeling too good yesterday so I thought it was better to cut out the bouncing.  

Hallowe’en isn’t a big deal here in the Netherlands like it is in N. America.  So we have to make the best of it and we carved some pumpkins, Isabella’s is the one in the middle.  Brianna’s is on the left and Ashley’s on the right.  I dressed Isabella up in her costume and then when she was in bed I watched the Rocky Horror Picture Show.  Very anti-climatic. 

The kids that normally went trick or treating are too old now, so not one kid came to our door.  I miss seeing the little munchkins in costume and handing out candy.  I also want the same for Isabella when she is old enough to go door to door.  I want to see her get excited because someone gave her free candy!!  So I’m feeling a tad homesick right now.

Ok, enough whining…

Isabella looked adorable, the pumpkins were great and I now have 3 bags of candy in the closet that needs to be eaten.



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13 11 2010

She is sooo cute! I’m an Eeyore fan myself with Tigger a close second. Happy Belated Halloween, I’m just getting cought up on my blog reading.

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