Isabella Sleep Instructions

24 09 2010

 1) Go to bed with out a problem, we have to fool mommy into thinking that I’m tired. 

2) Give warning cries from 9 until 12 so mommy can run up the 13 steep steps to make sure I’m ok.  I’m making sure she gets her daily exercise in.

3) Once mommy comes to bed, wake up just long enough so that she has to cuddle and put me back to sleep.  This ensures maximum hugs and snuggles, sometimes I can squeeze a lullaby out of her or another book.

4) After mommy thinks we are sleeping quietly, turn a few times so feet are in her face. Place both feet on either side of mommy’s face and then kick while laughing.   Then mommy has to move me and I can give her my “I love you mommy” smile and get more snuggles.

5) Wet diaper so that mommy has to change it and pajamas because it went through.  Drinking as much as possible before bed helps this feat. 

6) Again pretend to sleep until mommy is just about to pass out and then cry, but not too hard or loud.  Just enough to get her attention so she has to find my soother and cuddle again.

7) At this point let mommy get a few minutes of sleep, then start crying again or try to grab her nose or lip for attention.  Mommy will wake up to move me back to my side so I can’t reach and then at that point throw a fit so she has to cuddle again.  This will also sometimes get a feeding, depends on how long I cry.

8) Repeat steps 4-7 every hour to hour and a half until 7 in the morning arrives, then remain awake until nap time.

How can mommy get mad at a face like this?



4 responses

24 09 2010

Awwww. At least she is thinking about your health and making sure you get a lot of exercise.

25 09 2010

She really doesn’t have to though, chasing after her during the day is enough! LOL!

28 09 2010

ahhahah Kids are evil!!

28 09 2010

Yes they are!! No matter how cute, there is always a bit of evil behind those eyes!

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