A rare treat!

21 12 2009

We’ve had snow in the Netherlands!   This is something that apparently doesn’t happen too often according to Frank… so I guess I brought a little bit of Canada with me the last two winters.   This weekend we got a good helping of the white stuff, at first it started with a light ground cover and that was really all I was expecting, then a little more snow fell, and a little more, until we have a good few inches on the ground.  Even Stoney looked at me like ” Seriously, I thought I left this crap back in Canada!”    The weekend was grey and typical winter, but this morning the sun is out and the snow look extra pretty!  I doubt we’ll have it for Christmas since it is supposed to warm up, but one can dream.

Just a light dusting

A wee bit more

The final count


I know that if I were in Canada I’d bitch about the snow, but once you don’t have it you miss it!



3 responses

21 12 2009

Ooh, you got more than us!!

8 01 2010

And it still keeps on snowing too

14 01 2010

I know the feeling! I’m a fellow canuck living in England and I’m loving all the snow we are getting hit with.

Your baby is beautiful. x

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