22 10 2009

Well my two wee little baby cousins (aka the Brats) have a band called Solidarity… it’s actually a pretty dang good band at that.  They are based out of Windsor Ontario and have been doing gigs around Ontario for the last few years now.  They have also had air time in Windsor and played at a few festivals.  They did put out a CD a few years back called “Transgression”  (hey brats if that’s the wrong name email me)  and now they have another CD out called “Overcome”.  

They’ve now put out a little promo of themselves on youtube.

I of course think they rock… might be a bit one sided though.  Either way check them out on their myspace page and their own site.



One response

25 10 2009
Canucky Woman

Well I tend to agree!! They DO rock…in a kind of retro 80s hardrock without the hair (and the cheesiness of other Canadian bands of that era like Platinum Blonde, Honeymoon Sweet, Loverboy, etc…).

Tell them to head farther out west to tour…northwestern Ontario…Winterpeg…there are some hardcore rockers out there who would really appreciate them. (Wait until summer though!)

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