Mini Vacation (part two)

29 09 2009

I’m back!  With the second part of our mini vacation to the UK for a wedding.

On the Saturday of the wedding, we had some time to go to the local shopping mall in Telford… aaaaaaahhhhh a real mall!!  There aren’t any malls where I live and I can honestly say I miss it!  Normally I wasn’t a mall person living in Canada, but after nearly a year of not having one right next door, I miss it.  I had a great time wandering around looking at different things I can’t get in NL, or going into the department stores and *sigh* getting all I need in one stop.  Oh sure we have the V&Dhere in, but it still doesn’t add up to Sears or the Bay, or even (yes I’m going to say it) Walmart.  i enjoyed walking from store to store without being run over by bikes or getting rained on!  Soon though we had to leave so that we could get ready for the wedding.

We arrived at the school a bit early and saw Jonathan, his family and best man taking the official photos.  So I was able to give him his Toronto Maple Leaf gift.  This was my version of something old, something new, and the blue part.  But as I mentioned to Jon, it’s to bad they suck!   [ this part here is for Jonathan – yes I know they beat Detroit the other day –  but  1) it wasn’t a regulation game and 2) Detroit just felt sorry for them losing all the time and threw them a bone].   We then went into the church to wait for the ceremony to start. 

Unfortunately we weren’t allowed to take pictures during the service so I wasn’t able to get Sarah walking down the aisle, or a picture of Jonathan looking like he was going to pass out,  but we did get some nice ones after the service.  The service was lovely, they chose wonderful music and great readings to go along with the day.  I had one reading to do Corinthians 13, and as much as I like to talk, I hate public speaking.  My nerves didn’t get the best of me though and I didn’t rush through according to those to said I did a good job…I think Frank paid them.    Following the service, they had drinks and hor d’ourves on the grass, it was really nice and for the most part I was able to enjoy some of the treats but man I wish I could have had more since the seafood ones looked so yummy!!   While we drank and ate, Jonathan and Sarah did pictures.  Frank was able to get in there and take a few for our books.  J and S The only complaint I had (and it’s not their fault) was the weather…HOLY MAMMA it was cold!!!  I knew I should have brought a sweater with me but of course forgot as I walked out the door.   I’m not sure how Sarah managed to walk around in her sleeveless dress all day but she did!  

Soon after we headed inside for a really nice dinner and some great JAZZ (in caps for a reason – SOMEONE will know why) music.  Then afterwards Jonathan got on stage and played a few diddies for us, I’d show you the video of it but for some reason it won’t up load… grrrrrr…There was dancing, cake cutting, drinks, laughter and all in all good fun.  Unfortunately since my sleep schedule was a ruined thanks to the Calais hotel I couldn’t keep up.  So we left around 11 and headed back to the hotel.  I don’t remember my head hitting the pillow!   All in all it was a great day. 

The next day Frank and I headed to Shrewsbury to do some shopping.  They have a Toysrus and of course I had to go!!  We don’t have one here so I wanted to take advantage of a little shopping!  I bought the baby’s swing and the bumbo from there since it was so much cheaper then buying it here in NL.   After we headed right into the town.

Our first stop was the Shrewsbury Abbey,  for the price of one pound you are able to buy your permit to take pictures.  This was a great thing, I would rather pay the money then be told no you can’t take pictures inside then I have to sneak them.  I love taking pictures of old churches, especially the stain glass.  But on this trip, Frank was the photographer in Shrewsbury so all the pictures you see on either here or Flickr is from him.  I would be great if we could get him a professional camera instead of my crappy little Fuji.  Abbeyalter abbeyabbey

We then decided to go into the main city part to see the castle.  We were going to walk there until we realized we were a little ways out, luckily we were able to find parking!  The town was pretty busy considering it was a Sunday and most lots were full.  We lucked out and found one right next to the Tourist Info center

We managed to get our bearings and headed towards the centre of town where some of the shops were open.  But we didn’t stop there we continued up the hill and went to the castle.  I was excited to see a castle hoping it would be as well preserved with old furniture and the rooms set up like they were back in the day; but this castle had been turned into a military museum.  I wasn’t too keen on going, but Frank wanted to so we ventured inside.  I have to say they did a wonderful job setting it up.  The displays were informative.  But I can only look at guns and flags for so long. Frank wandered I sat.   After the museum there was another area to visit, up to the tower.  Frank ventured up and I tried to figure out what to do next.   castle150I have to say I really enjoyed visiting the birthplace of Charles Darwin.   I found that they had a great selection of stores and restaurants, plus just enough touristy stuff to keep you busy for the day.  Plus on the Sunday they had all these open air acts for either the adults or for the kids.  It is one place I would love to visit again and spend a little more time. 

We left Shrewsbury to head back to Telford again, since we were going to go for dinner with Jonathan, Sarah and Jon’s best friend/man Jim.  We just went to a little pub nearby and had a great laugh.  It wasn’t a long night, I think the weekend caught up with everyone and the call of the bed was too much.  It was still nice to see everyone one last time before we left the next morning.

On the Monday it was going to be a straight through drive,  we arrived at the tunnel early so we were able to get on a different train.  We were 2 hours ahead of schedule.  The drive home was pretty painless, well for me anyways since Frank drove the whole time.   I don’t think we hit traffic until we actually got back into the Netherlands and that was because it was rush hour.  

I have to say it was a great trip, it was nice for us to get away and have some time alone. 

Now to plan another trip to the UK this time I would like to bring the kids and Stoney.




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5 10 2009

Sounds like part two was much better than part one! Nice that you were able to find some better prices on baby items. Thanks for keeping us updated!

6 10 2009

It went much better!

We were able to get the swing and the bumbo for much cheaper then in this country.

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