Garden of Eden… well ok.. our Eden

31 05 2009

DSCF1004I meant to post this a little sooner, but it got a bit busy and I just never found the time to sit and type.  Now as I wait for Frank to fire up the bbq and get dinner going, I’ll get some blogging done. 

Last year we started to do some work on the backyard,  but unfortunately the summer wasn’t the best for us to work in and we really didn’t get a lot done except I did manage to grow a few beans and a couple tomatoes.  The flower side never really amounted to much DSCF1006because the sun is blocked by these hideous trees that are between the two houses.   The patio area had my huge herb garden; which I did get some good use out of, but that was the extent of it. 

This year we decided to dump some money into the garden since we are going to be here for at least another year, and we both enjoy sitting in the backyard when the weather is nice.  We still have a garden with just tomatoes and beans, but we made it a bit bigger and so far so good.  I took the lavender out of the “flower garden” and put that into my big herb pot, then moved my herbs into two smaller pots.  I have to say my favourite part of the garden is the new “rock garden” where the flowers use to be.  Since nothing grew there to begin with we decided to just cover the area with rocks and put some nice decorative lanterns and keep the raspberry bush and bleeding heart bush.  The two top pictures are the work in progress.

Here is the finished rock garden…DSCF1012 







I think Frank did a great job with the backyard and we definitelyenjoying it, at least when I don’t have laundry hanging up!   But new we like to sit in the back and read or listen to music and more then once we will have dinner outside, especially if it’s bbq.  

I would like to get a statue or something else for the rock garden, but nothing has caught my eye just yet.  But I’m sure that very soon Praxis will have a sale and I’ll see the pièce de résistance and add it to the garden.  But as for now it’s nice to see Stoney follow the sun around the yard and try to get to the warm spots.   After a hard day’s work, he found a comfy spot on Frank.




6 responses

31 05 2009

I love it, especially the rock garden. 🙂

My partner and I are busy thinking of what to do with our achtertuin. The previous owner didn’t do anything with the garden so it was nothing more than a pile of sand and weeds when we moved in. We’re thinking of having most of it paved with some soil strips along the sides so that we can have some greenery…though not too much as we’re both terrible at gardening!

31 05 2009

Wow the garden looks fantastic!!! Well done 🙂

I see Stoney is still trying to make bed points with Frank! hehe

1 06 2009

Possibly one little fountain.That bee nice I think.

3 06 2009

Your garden looks fabulous!! We need to work in our back yard. We dont have grass,but concrete instead. I have potted veggies and plants but we need to finish up our fence line. We are right next to a side walk and street so the prying eyes are forever looking into our back yard.

5 06 2009

Wow…great job. I love the picture of Stoney on Frank.

Rock garden looks great.


6 06 2009

Thanks everyone, the rock garden makes it much easier!

Stoney and Frank get a long great as long as Frank lets stoney sleep where he wants 😉

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