10 05 2009

Today is Mother’s day around the world, and here in the Netherlands it isn’t any different.  This is my first real Mother’s day here since last year I had gone back to Canada for a short visit. 

This morning I woke up to Ashley and Brianna bringing me breakfast in bed, a kaas broodje cut into the shape of a heart,  a glass of orange juice and a card they made from the two of them thanking me for everything.  Then once I was able to wake up fully we went downstairs and they had presents for me.  Brianna bought me two very cute photo albums and a little make up kit which will be great to keep in my purse.  Ashley bought me a bath backscrubby thing and bath gel, plus a red rose.

I was very nice and sweet for the girls to think of me today.   Afterward they went out the day and Frank and I stayed home enjoying the sunshine.   I managed to get the laundry done and he finished off the backyard, pictures and blog to come!

It was a very nice mellow Mother’s day and two sweet girls helped make it that way.



3 responses

10 05 2009

How very sweet, you are a very lucky woman!!

11 05 2009
Canucky Woman

Nice. You know what I got! lol…

Weirdly, they celebrate Mother’s Day in the UK in March! Everywhere else it’s in May…

15 05 2009

How absolutely awesome was that!

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