Stupidity… unfortunately this is just across the Canadian border.

24 03 2009

It is unfortunate that people like this are allowed to be on television and I think Fox needs to rethink who they hire to represent them.   The disrespect for our Canadian soldiers, especially when just recently we lost 4 more in Afghanistan is unbelievable.   We went there to support them, we have supported them, we still are supporting them.  Our troops are in one of the most volatile areas of Afghanistan, and this asshole thinks it’s ok to slam the Canadians who risk their lives daily. 

Watch the clip if you can stomach it.  Below is the news article from the Toronto Star stating his apology.   Maybe instead of sitting there looking pretty on camera, he should grab a gun and join the troops… any country…. pick one…and see exactly what they go through. 

Here is what the Toronto Star had to say about the apology.

OTTAWA – The host of a Fox News show has apologized for bashing the contribution of Canadian troops in Afghanistan, saying his “satirical take” on daily news events has been misunderstood.

Greg Gutfeld, host of “Red Eye” was responding to outrage north of the border about a March 17 segment that aired in the early morning hours but sparked a diplomatic flap when it surfaced on YouTube over the weekend, following the death of four Canadian soldiers in Kandahar.

The show’s panelists took a number of shots at Canada and the military, with one saying he didn’t know the country had even deployed troops in Afghanistan.

Another said the only reason the military could pull its soldiers out of the NATO-led mission was because it relies heavily for security on the United States.

Defence Minister Peter MacKay launched the counterattack on Fox’s Gutfeld, saying the comments were in poor taste and requesting an apology.

“I think it is a very limited, uninformed view. It is crass. It is insensitive and it is in fact disgusting given the timing, where Canada is just receiving back four fallen heroes … at CFB Trenton,” MacKay told CTV Newsnet shortly before travelling to the military base where the latest four soldiers to be killed in Afghanistan arrived today.

MacKay said that the views expressed on the show do not reflect those of the U.S. government, which has been effusive in its praise of Canada, nor the “vast majority of Americans.”

Fox offered up an apology a few hours later saying comments on the show were “in no way an attempt to make light of troop efforts.”

“I realize that my words may have been misunderstood. It was not my intent to disrespect the brave men, women and families of the Canadian military, and for that I apologize. Red Eye is a satirical take on the news, in which all topics are addressed in a lighthearted, humorous and ridiculous manner,” Gutfeld’s statement read.


The late-night show, “Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld,” featured a panel that took turns bashing Canada. One panelist said he didn’t even know Canada had troops in Afghanistan and another said the only reason the military could pull its troops out of the NATO-led mission was because it relies heavily for security on the United States.

A clip of the segment, which aired last week in the early morning hours, surfaced on YouTube over the weekend and kicked off the diplomatic flap.

Dan Dugas, a spokesperson for MacKay, said earlier today that “no one is laughing and they owe Canada — and, more importantly, the families of each one of our fallen heroes — an apology for their ill-informed mistakes.”

Canadian soldiers have been fighting in Afghanistan since 2001 and have spent the last four years in the country’s most violent region.

Canada has lost 116 soldiers in Afghanistan.

The country has said it will pull out most of its 2,500 troops in Kandahar when its current combat mission expires in 2011.

News of that impending withdrawal, and the army chief’s comments that the military would need a year’s hiatus to regroup and refurbish, served as the launching pad for members of the Fox panel to mock Canada.

I think they need to fire his dumb ass.




4 responses

24 03 2009

I am with you on that!! Fire him.

24 03 2009
Aunt Sophie

I did some quick research and a little math. I don’t want to make this about numbers but about proportional representation. It’s NOT how many or how much – it’s about being recognized for Canadian contribution and the perception of the world/American citizens.

With American losses at 4258 unfortunate lives, and current troops at 130000 (and if we don’t count the US total troop involvment 255000 their percentage of loss is 1.6%) its 3.27% whereas Canadian losses of 116 out of 2500 stationed troops is 4.64%. The US population is 10x Canada’s – but FOX news doesn’t report facts – they’re actually more into Colbert truthiness (the truth as you believe it to be regardless of facts LOL)

24 03 2009

Sorry, but I watched this and wasn’t offended at all, in fact thought it was obvious satire (albeit not very funny satire, only because I don’t find that kind of self-preening “look how witty we are” stuff funny).

How is it really that much different from something like Rick Mercer’s “Talking to Americans”? Yeah, bad taste, but clearly not a serious newscast. Don’t tell me we Canadians are starting to take ourselves too seriously, if so we’re becoming more like Americans than I remembered!

24 03 2009

Actually I think it has more to do with timing on this also. We just lost another 4 recently, and it touched a nerve. Also I think with most Canadians right now, we have the same attitude of “Make fun of our country, make fun of our accent etc. but leave the troops out of it”.

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