NS can kus my butt!!

26 02 2009

My trip home start off pretty uneventful, I got a ride to the station so that saved me a 20 minute bus ride.  Then getting to the station I stopped off at AH (Albert Heijn) so that I can pick up bacon, milk, and some other small things img_1648since it’s Thursday and we had our usual… pannenkoeken (pancakes).  Dutch pancakes are a little different then what most North Americans are use to.  In this picture (taken at a restaurant),  I had Brie cheese on my pancake.  But back to the story….

I do my shopping and I head over to the station and take a peek to see which spoor (platform) my train is leaving from and what train I’m going to catch.  Ok… quick NS lesson about the trains…. Intercity means that it goes to the the major cities but skips the small towns along the way, stoptrein means that it hits all the little towns along the way.  So I see that my Intercity to Schothorst is at spoor 11 and is due to leave at 18.01… that gives me 10 minutes to get to my spoor…perfect!   I make it to the platform with 5 minutes to spare (trust me – rush hour at Utrecht Station is like the 401 in Ontario).   All of a sudden I hear the PA system go off and I’m informed the train will be 10 minutes late.  Ok… no biggie… I’m use to that.  BUT…. BUT!!!  Not 5 minutes later I hear another announcement and the 10 minutes have now turned to 20!  GRRRRRRR!!!   And there’s no point trying to catch a different train on another platform, they are all delayed.    

Finally my train shows up and I board, only to have to cram in because now there are twice the amount of people because of the delay.   As we chug and I mean literally chug… I could have walked faster… towards Schothorst I sit back and try to read.   Finally we hit Amersfoort station and wait while everyone rushes like pigs to a feeding trough to get off the train, so that we can continue to the last stop and I can finally go home.   But why would it be THAT easy??  Suddenly another announcement, this time ON the train….this train is going to ROTTERDAM!!  That would be the OTHER end of the Netherlands.  UGH!!  You have to be kidding me, so as we grab our stuff as fast as we can to get off before it leaves,  this time the mad rush includes me and being short in the land of tall I had a couple of elbows and bags jab into me.   Then I have to follow the mass up the stairs and over to another spoor to get the right train home.

At last my train arrived and I made it to my station…. only 2 hours AFTER I got out of work.  But of course my luck didn’t end there… it has to be raining when I stepped out of the station… of course… rain…. cold rain…. cold hurts your face as you bike into it rain….. rain…..



6 responses

26 02 2009
Breigh (Canadutch)

Yup, that sounds about right 😛

26 02 2009

Oh my, what a trip! Hopefully that won’t happen agian any time soon!!
Pancakes? You are right, not what I consider a pancake. 🙂 Did it taste good?

27 02 2009

Ha, I get homesick just reading this. The NS wouldn’t be the NS if they didn’t screw you over royally at least once a month, just to remind you who’s boss.

Better luck next time…oh wait. Who am I kidding? 🙂

27 02 2009
Dave Hampton

I generally give NS some credit for still being better than the British trains, an admittedly low standard, but this rivals any of my horror stories from across the Channel.

28 02 2009
Canucky Woman

NS is a dream system in comparison with some.

My issue is with Connexxion. Worse bus service I have ever encountered. How can a bus (that is only scheduled once every 30 minutes) just not show up?? Repeatedly? And apparently, being fined almost half a million euros last year for being repeatedly late or not showing up didn’t motivate them to try harder…

1 03 2009

I can just imagine how annoying this would’ve been…fighting your way through Utrecht Centraal is a nightmare unto itself, let alone having to deal with a crowded train that was re-routed! Ugh! I haven’t experienced that yet, but I’m sure (judging from the above comments) that I will encounter it at some point!

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