Week one

22 02 2009

I’m still alive… I survived week one of the working world!  I have to say it was nice getting back to the grind and knowing that a paycheck was on the way for me.  I find the toughest part is getting up at 6am and being at the train station for 7:20 a kick in the head some days, but eventually I’ll get use to it and it won’t be such a drag-my-ass-out-of -bed event.  The train ride has become my reading time, it’s nice to sit and read uninterrupted (except for the ticket man) for 30 minutes.  Then another 20 by bus to the last stop on the line, after that I walk for about 5 minutes.  I think the walk is the worst part, they are still doing construction in the area since it is a new industrial part of Utrecht, so it’s fairly muddy.  Also the Dutch love their cobblestone sidewalks and roads, yes they look gorgeous and so European,  but when you are placing individual blocks on sandy soil and it rains here 80% of the time, so eventually the pretty little blocks start to sink and shift and they are not longer even.  GREAT to walk on, especially in heels.   So trudging through the muck and the uneven blocks pretty much ruins the lovely train and bus ride commute.  

The people I have met at work so far are really nice, my boss is a few years older then me and from the US.  So it’s nice that we have a few things in common, it makes it easier to relate.   I’m still in the watch and learn phase of the training, I have been doing a little more each day but according to everyone, this week was really slow with the mail and inquiries.  Hopefully week 2 will be a bit busier.   I need to get in there and do more hands on work so I can see how things really work.  Once I get back from holidays things will land in my lap with a thud since the girl I’m replacing will be gone and another girl will be leaving at the end of April.  

On another note, I’m leaving in a week and a half to head back to Canada for a visit.  I’m looking forward to going home, but I don’t really want to leave everyone here.   I do plan on meeting up with friends when I’m home and have a small family get together.  I also want to get some shopping done and stock on things I can’t get living here.   Costco and DSW are calling my name!!

So on that note,  I have to finish the laundry here and make my lunch for tomorrow.  Oh I forgot to mention, things at work are casual in the dress code, so wearing jeans is not a problem (whoohoo!)  As long as they aren’t full of holes, riding half way down your ass, dirty, or look like they just went through a hurricane.   So I need to invest in a few pairs of nice dark jeans that I can wear to work.   Plus I need to have a few tops that are a little more dressier then every day stuff.  Oh and I need more body wash from Bath and Body….and more shoes….and more makeup…. and more skirts….. and more…………



6 responses

22 02 2009

Congrats on the job!
Your upcoming trip back to Canada, I can relate to. I will be going this year to the States for a few weeks, but I will be missing especially my husband who probably can’t come along. But I am bringing along a large, empty suitcase to load up with the things I really would like & need, unavailable in the Netherlands 😉

23 02 2009

Congrats on the job! My office is more casual now too, I wear black and dark blue jeans with dressy sweaters, etc. I love it! Although I do love to wear my capris, etc. in the summer, jeans are too hot. It’ll be good to see you on March 21st.

23 02 2009
Aunt Sophie

Just bring back the clothes you are wearing and EMPTY suitcases to fill!!! LOL I hope to see you guys while you’re hear. I love reading your blog – I think I know more about you and feel closer now than before! LOL

23 02 2009

Congrats! It is so much nicer to have your own money. I love Utrecht.

23 02 2009

Isabella – thanks 🙂 I’m enjoying it!

Aunt Sophie – That’s what I planned on doing.. HELLO TARGET!

Marisa – I can’t wait, it will be nice to see everyone again.

Juli – Thanks!! Love my own money haha!!

2 03 2009
Aunt Sophie

I’ll drive – Target, DSW, Kohls – too bad you can’t come to the BEST discount store ever – Gabriel’s in Pittsburgh. My friend Faith introduced me to it – and it is AWESOME!!

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