Awesome Video!

2 02 2009


For those who understand Italian…have a great laugh.  For those who don’t understand, just watch the video and listen carefully you can get the idea and still have a great laugh!



One response

4 02 2009

LOL! ‘I worked hard all day’ I bet is the theme. Love 😉

Check out this video too. I saw it on TV during the voetbal championships here last year. A ‘typical’ Italian vs a ‘typical’ European:

About your recent comment on Jaime’s blog, I wanted to say you gave good advice back about the disobedience! I didn’t want to say it there in full, but I know exactly what you mean about a majority of the children here. Shocks me every time! Apart from many other situations, recently I got bumped out of the way by a 7 or 8 year old at the grocery store because he wanted to look at the candy. I looked at him with the most demonic face and made sure he saw it.. I have never had such a feeling towards a child, I was actually frightening myself. So I didn’t say a word to him, but he knew by my eyes I meant business.

The disrespect for the police here, I have my own story about this. This person laughed about how much ‘authority’ our police think they have in both Canada and America. He was talking about both Canada and America because he was referring to crossing the border near Niagara Falls. I do’nt want to go on a tangent about it all, but it is one of the things which make me feel uneasy here.

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