I’ve lost an hour.

28 11 2008

I’ve noticed something this winter that I didn’t notice when I was here last December.  It gets dark here… and fast!!  I’ve lost an hour of sunlight being here in the Netherlands compared to being in Toronto or Windsor.  I honestly thought it was just me, until I googled it and saw it with me own eyes that I wasn’t going nuts.

times The nice thing though, is that in the summer the sun sets later so I gain the hour back.  For the most part the sun will go down around 10pm while back in Canada it sets around 9.  So I’ll deal with the lost hour in the winter, but it can get a bit depressing with the dark skies for most of the waking hours.   And when the sun is up, the skies are grey anyways adding a lovely misty, greying, dismal tint to the air. 

Come on… summer!



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29 11 2008

That’s one thing I didn’t have to get used to…Haarlem is at the same longitude as Thunder Bay so sunrise and sunset is pretty well the same. And that was the best thing about Thunder Bay summers (besides the fact we don’t get anywhere near the same level of humidity as southern Ontario) — seeing a bit of the sun until 11 pm!!

I would visit Toronto during that time and found it so depressing that the sun would set so early…

7 12 2008

Hi Melissa,
Haven’t heard from you in a while. How are things going?


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