Oh I brought Canada with me!

26 11 2008

Although it is rumoured that it does snow on the occasion in the Netherlands, I didn’t really believe it until this past weekend!  We had snow!  In fact it started on Friday and continued right up to Monday morning, it was great seeing the white fluffy stuff fall from the sky.  Now I know what you are thinking, “if you were in Canada then you would complain”  Actually no… I enjoy the snow but I’ll be honest, by the time February rolls around I’m done with it.  Last winter was just that, we had a wonderful white winter and it snowed nearly every weekend but by the time February showed up I was done with it. 

Here in the Netherlands, the snow left as soon as it came…. but I did get a few pictures of the stuff before it melted.


This is my herb plant that I have outside, the rosemary is the tallest plant that you see in the middle.  Thankfully it didn’t really damage the herbs and I can still cook with them.

Stoney wasn’t too keen on going outside in the snow, I think the little prince was use to the warmer temps and thought that maybe I had bundled him up and brought him back to Canada while he was sleeping.  Well I can’t blame the little guy since that’s how he ended up here in the Netherlands.

As of now, the snow is gone and the weather is starting to creep back up to the 7°C mark, so I can put my winter coat away and take out the fall one. 

Hopefully we’ll get another nice snowfall closer to Christmas, it will make my first holiday away from home a little easier…maybe…. probably not…but we can hope.



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