A busy week

19 11 2008

I haven’t been very faithful in the writing department lately.  It just seems that even though I’m currently not working, I am just non-stop busy.  This past week and a bit has been a hectic with school appointments, my appointments with schools, yoga (hey it’s free), shopping for Christmas presents, birthday presents (3 in 2 months ugh), trying to keep the house somewhat clean, and currently making a piñata for Ashley’s 13th birthday. 

Yes I know that she’s 13 and it seems childish, but the piñata is just for when the family is here for some fun.  We are having Mexican for dinner so I thought I would add a little surprise.  Besides everyone loves bashing things with a stick!  On Saturday she and 3 friends are going to go to the movies and then 2 of them are spending the night… Pray for me.

I have my Dutch test tomorrow to see what level I am, so I can start my inburgeringcurses.  I am interesting to see how much I really do know after being here for 5+ months.  I know that I can’t speak a lick; well I probably could if I tried.  My reading isn’t too bad and I can usually make out what the important things are in a letter.  When I hear it, I am able to pick out enough words at times to get the just of things, but don’t ask me for a literal translation because I can’t get the majority of the words.  I would rather start from square one anyways with the lessons, especially since I believe the classes I chose are mainly done with a tape recorder and computer.  I wanted to go during the day, but I also want to get a job.  I could have gone at night but that poses problems when Frank is on his business trips.  So this way it’s flexible and I can go on my time as much as 4 times a week.  I am hoping that once I start working then I’ll pay for classes at the ROC. 

Stoney is back to his old pain in the ass self.  He has to be on me or near me at all times.  I can’t go upstairs without him following.  The other day he was sleeping while Frank and the kids were downstairs, I had gone upstairs to read and he had a panic attack.  He started to whimper until he came upstairs and saw me on the bed.  I know I made him a suck, but MAN there are some days he just drives me batty.  Although one bonus is that he’s really enjoying the bike rides now, it does get a bit chilly for him but I have a blanket and his sweater.  He’s off to be groomed soon too; he’s starting to look a bit “Tramp-y”.

Frank will be home for a bit, no trade shows until January.

The kids are doing well and even though I have managed to piss off 3 teachers concerning them, they still enjoying school.  Only Ashley’s teachers to yell at next, I managed to irk Michelle’s last night at the meeting.  Oh well… do your job and I won’t have to become super bitch.  Brianna’s teacher meeting is tomorrow, so this is going to be interesting since nothing has been done since September.   Really is it that hard to send home a weekly journal so we know what work we have to concentrate on at home??  Yes this is going to be a “Dutch Rant” all those that have a problem skip to the next paragraph.  We had asked that the school send home a journal and extra math homework for Brianna since she was having problems with it, but has anything of the sort happened??? NO!  Am I pissed??? Just a wee bit.  I don’t understand the system here, I get that some students have trouble with school but do you really need to decide their future when they are 10?? I would like for them (all three) to have options in life, not do what the school feels they are capable of doing.  It’s frustrating and annoying.  This school also checks what I pack for Brianna for her lunches and questions her snacks if it’s something they aren’t familiar with.  Relax people it’s just a muffin.  The last time they were going to take her oat bar that I made because they thought the cranberries were chocolate (yes there was chocolate but dark chocolate and small bits).  Oh and let’s not forget, they won’t make a “toasty” (same as grill cheese) because the bread wasn’t brown bread.  Really?? WELL THEN… how about I give you a list of what she likes and doesn’t like and YOU can buy the groceries and make her lunch daily.  Trust me I don’t send the kid to school with crap.  She has the token cheese or one slice of meat sandwich, a piece of fruit, and a snack (oat bar, muffin, or a type of bread).  Let the kid eat!  You aren’t there to police her lunch, instead put the energy into teaching her!  Yes… frustration is the main thing here.  As for Ashley, she finds math too easy but they won’t give her extra homework.  The kid is asking for extra work and they won’t give it to her!!  God forbid she actually advances in her studies!!   Yes this is the stupidity I’m dealing with when it comes to the schools.  Ok… rant done now….

So as I was saying, things have been fairly busy and I can’t see it letting up anytime soon especially since we have the American Thanksgiving to do (with some of Frank’s co-workers), Sinterklaas, Christmas, 3 birthdays, New years, and hopefully me starting my lessons as soon as possible. 

Well now that it’s nearly time for bed, I need to check on the piñata and see if it’s drying properly.  I could only do one side today so I’ll have to pray that it dries completely so I can do the other side.  It needs to be painted and filled by Friday… eek!



4 responses

20 11 2008

You are becoming so domesticated Melissa…. I am impressed.

Too bad you’re so far…I could have bought you a nice pinata and sent it….but then you would have missed the fun of making it.

Good luck with the girls’ teachers.

Sounds like the girls are very lucky to have you…say hello to everyone.


20 11 2008

The school system is pretty interesting to say the least. When and if we do have a child, we are more leaning towards having them educated back where Im from. I say this because “we” want to be the ones to decide where our children will recieve there education. The lunch thing sounds a little bit over done, more nonsense to deal with. I dont know how you juggle it all, but it’s good to hear your not backing down and standing your ground.

26 11 2008

Saw your “rant” as comment on my blog; my goodness you do have to deal with a lot! My experiences havn’t been as bad, thank goodness. At Tristans former school it was very normal to get extra lessons if you were doing well, they had a special program for advanced kids.
I blame some of what we’re dealing with now on the village type atmosphere and the veluwse nuchterheid “doe maar gewoon, dan doe je al gek genoeg”. (That is my LEAST favorite of all dutch sayings!!). But you’d think that where you live they would be a bit more openminded and willing to give a kid some stimulus!
Hang in there 🙂

27 11 2008
Aunt Sophie

LOL, thank heavens the kids’ schools don’t check their lunches here! LOL you know me. I have my own problems – apparently if you don’t like your rambunctious Gr1 students (jesse) it’s ok to give them C’s and D’s across the board – yeah, I’m talking, music, art and gym too. I have my meeting on Thursday nite – pray for his teacher.

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