It’s a good thing he’s cute.

10 11 2008

Well this has been an interesting week,  Frank came home from Russia, I started to look into my inburgering curses, and the dumb ass dog decided to eat a DARK chocolate bar wrapper and all.  That’s right.. chocolate…

So after a massive panic attack and chatting to Tammy on line, I made Stoney puke.  Unfortunately, enough chocolate was digested to give him the runs after the puking was done.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen him so miserable, he had to stay outside for a bit until the puking was done and he just sat there with his head hanging down.  I brought him inside and cleaned him up, then laid him in his bed with a towel, the poor guy started to whimper and then would bolt back outside.  My usually spunky dog was lifeless, he didn’t want to do anything except lay in his bed and whimper.  I knew he didn’t feel well because he actually wanted to be covered with the towel, Stoney hates covers on him. 

3005480112_95abe013af_bThat night, he somehow got under the bed and woke us with his whimpering, Frank and I had to shoo him out (I really didn’t want to deal with dog puke under the bed) and get him into his bed that we have in the bedroom for him.  That was of course after letting him go outside again to do his business and me cleaning him up as best as possible at 4 am.  The next day, this is what he looked like.  Now if anyone knows Stoney, you know that this really isn’t him.  His ears wouldn’t even perk up if I asked him if he wanted a cookie.  The only thing he would take was sugar water when I held the bowl under his nose.  So after calling the vet and going there on Friday, he’s now on the mend.  He has special pills to rebuild the lining of his stomach and intestines, special food to make sure that the trots stop, and special water to make sure he doesn’t dehydrate.  Although the food doesn’t seem to be doing much, he still getting the scoots and the problem is that he gets them at night.  So we’ve had a few accidents on the carpet since I can’t get to him fast enough.

All I can say is that I’m hoping he has learned his lesson and won’t touch chocolate again… ya right… this is Stoney we are talking about, the same dog that managed to get a bag of chips from a blocked room, bring them into the living room, open the bag, and share it with his brother.  I doubt that he’s learned anything from this ordeal. 

We have though, since now we know how far on to the coffee table he can reach!




4 responses

10 11 2008
Breigh (Canadutch)

Oh poor Stoney! I’ve been so worried about him 😦 Thank god you managed to get the chocolate out of him though! If it was that bad after such a short time I shudder to think of what would have happened if you guys had been gone out for a few hours or something.

Damn dogs, they get into everything, don’t they? haha Last night I found bailey and Pixel on the sofa ripping apart a roll of duct tape. Didn’t matter that it was sticking to their fur and pulling it, they were having too much fun! little idiots 😛

10 11 2008

Poor baby, feel sad for them even if it just a lil tummy ache. Our dog has been through alot recently. Recently, she had a historectomy, ear infection and now she’s limping because of her back leg. Amazes me just how much they can go through and recover to their spunky crazy doggy selves.

11 11 2008

Yessss, so excited about the election turnout! Haha maybe you can run for PM if you ever go back! 😉

19 11 2008

😦 I hope Stoney’s all better now!
I’m so behind on reading up on blogs, so forgive me for posting a comment some 10 days or so after the fact.

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