Paris – Day Two

1 11 2008

So… after a hellish sleep, thanks to the exhibition centre right outside the window tearing down things, I was up at 6:30am.  I’m not saying that I’m not a morning person, or that I can be a bit crabby about having to get up before the sun especially when functioning on very little sleep.  But I might be a bit “touchy” with out my coffee and the fact that it was still pitch black out.  For those who have seen me up early in the morning I appreciate all smart ass comments kept to yourself, thank you :). 

So I had some time to kill, so I thought I would try to plan my day.  The Louvre didn’t open until about 10ish and I was going to get to that museum come wind or rain or whatever else might be thrown at me.  I also wanted to get to Notre Dame Cathedral, but I wasn’t sure how that was going to fit in to the little time I had.  Well off I go to “Le Metro” (there’s an accent there but I can’t remember which way it goes – I’ll have to look that up), and I start to head over to the ticket (information – ya.. or lack there of) counter to ask what is the best stop for the church and or the Arc (I wanted to see that too.. I’m a little ambitious) and well the lady behind the glass, who obviously was less of a morning person then me,  had no idea what I was saying.  It could be that my French isn’t perfect, or that she didn’t have the best of English, or that it was loud… OR MAYBE IF YOU TOOK YOUR DAMN CELL PHONE AWAY FROM YOUR EAR FOR 2 SECONDS YOU COULD HEAR ME A BIT BETTER – oh sorry about that, remember not a morning person.  OK back to the story…

I get on the train and I head towards the Louvre, but instead of changing trains I just get off a little ways on the Place de la Concorde stop.  I walk up towards the huge intersection and what do I see??  The Eiffel Tower lit up by the sunrise (ok say it with me.. awwwww).  And that big tower thingie with fountains on either side.  I probably should look up that monument, statue, pyramidy thing and figure out what it is, but look there behind, the tower.  The sun was just coming up over the buildings and actually the main building it was starting to come over was the Louvre.  So after a few pictures here and there of the tower, the pointy thingy and the L’Arc down the road, I’d show a picture except I didn’t realize that a bus passed in front until after and ruined it.  I strolled through the garden towards the Louvre, well that was after I spent € 2 on a crappy coffee.  I went through a beautiful garden/park that probably is just amazing in the summer with the statues and the flowers, but in October there wasn’t much to see except the statues.  The place that I strolled through was called,  Jardin des Tuileries.  And by walking right down the middle it will take you to the front doors of the Louvre.  Now I remember the glass pyramids in front of the Louvre, and I have to say I really don’t like them.   I know they have been there for a while now but you have this gorgeous old building with intricate moldings, doors, and windows…then you get a glass pyramid.. oh. 

But at least since there wasn’t line up to get in.  I got there early enough to avoid the mass afternoon tourists, and instead of waiting in line to pay for a ticket, I used the automated machine.  But regardless I was IN!  Now I had to get my game face on and plow ahead.  For those who have not been to the Louvre, it’s massive and if you really want to see everything you are going to need the day to take your time and really enjoy it. I on the other hand had a time restriction.  So I go barreling towards the Mona Lisa,  of course stopping to enjoy the occasional piece of sculputre or painting.  Making good time until BAM …. tour bus.  ARGH.. ok, I can do this.  So with a little elbowing, a few pardon me’s and maybe one or two “Watch it!” I got through the first jam, sweet… full on and here we go.  I make it to the section where the Mona Lisa is kept and I’m nearly blinded by the flashing lights, I’m not sure what part of “please do not use a flash” people don’t understand but obviously the 20 different languages it was written in, it wasn’t the one they could read.  Now the Mona Lisa is an interesting piece, ok… ya.. I don’t get it.  I’m not saying I don’t appreciate it, I do I just don’t get it.  She really isn’t that attractive and she could have smiled a little more.  Oh FYI this isn’t an invitation for art buffs to give me the load down on the painting…really…no really, I mean it.  And don’t bother with that whole “DaVinci Code” thing either, I never read the book, I don’t plan on reading the book, and will more then likely never watch the movie either.  But M.L there was behind glass, so the picture taking was a little off and you can’t get a decent shot of her but hey I saw it.  Then I headed over to the Venus de Milo statue, this time trying not to step on the little children that were there for a school trip.  The wee little tots also made it interesting trying to take a decent picture since they all had to be first to look at the statue.  Check that one of my “must see before I die” list, well I don’t actually have a list but I’m sure if I did that would be on it.  Next up the Greek statues and Roman ones as well, and let me tell you there are a lot of those.  I basically did the run down one side and glance, run down the other side and glance because after about 20 of them they all started to meld into one big block of stone. 

At that point I headed towards the Egypt section of the Louvre, after asking how to get there since I got a bit turned around.  Don’t ask, the Louvre’s map is actually idiot proof once you get the hang of it.  I saw a mummy, more statues, some old pottery, some old jewelry and OK… I’m done.  I did take pictures and you can see them on my flickr site under the Day 2 of Paris.  I am not going to put them all on here. 

Eventually it was time to leave, I stopped at the gift shop to get a few gifts (and spend enough money to feed a small village).  Then Frank called to say he was on his way… WHAT?? But, but… I didn’t make it to the cathedral *stomps foot*.  But no time, if I had paid more attention to the clock I would have seen that the initial hour and a half that I wanted to spend at the Louvre turned into three and half.  Ugh!

So I get picked up and we head home, now it only took us an HOUR to get out of the main part of Paris… but it took us 2 hours to get through Antwerpen Belgium because of an accident.  In total a normal trip that should take 4 1/2 hours took 8 hours. 

All in all I had a great time in Paris and I really want to go back and finish the tourist thing.  Frank would like to go to the Louvre so he can see some of the artwork and statues.  But hopefully when we do go back, we’ll have more time and I won’t have to rush.




5 responses

1 11 2008

Isn’t it the most frustrating city to try and see in two days? ;-D

2 11 2008

I think that pointy thing is called Le Obelisque??? Did you remember any of Paris from when we went there?


2 11 2008

Beebs – annoying it was, there’s to much I want to see in too little of time!

Zia- I sure do, the guy that got hit on the scooter by the police, going around the L’Arc over and over again because no one would let us out of the ring, you cutting your finger in the car :P.

2 11 2008

The one place we loved: Monmontre. Minimal lineups…only attacked once by pushy people trying to sell tacky crap…beautiful and relatively quiet…and we found an awesome restaurant for lunch.

Made up greatly for the trip there…I jumped onto the Metro as the doors were closing and my leg got caught in the door! I make a really crap tourist! ;-D

4 11 2008

Wow…I had forgotten those things. Now I remember the guy getting hit on his scooter and trying to cross the street at L’Arc de Triomphe when there is an underground tunnel…don’t remember me cutting my finger?

It’s a great city!!!


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