What does € 7,40 get you?

29 10 2008

This ………..


Now to give you an idea how much €7,40 is for two, that’s right… TWO…

Canadian – $11.94

American – $9.43

Pounds – £5.89

Denmark Krone – kr 55.1171

Thailand Baht – ฿ 329.493

Japanese Yen – ¥ 914.560

So you see…for a squash and a pumpkin it really isn’t a cheap meal!  This is going to be one expensive soup.

And yes I know I still have to do Day Two for Paris, that will be coming up shortly.  Right now I’m going to go gaze at my investment and maybe they will convert to gold or something.



8 responses

29 10 2008

Hey you found them. Uncle Adam and I were going to try and freeze dry some and send them to you. 🙂


30 10 2008

Good grief, where did you buy those that you had to spend so much on them!?

30 10 2008

Unfortunately the AH is too small in my neighbourhood to get decent veggies or veggies of a different nature. I had to go to the little shop in Emiclaer from the farmer to get it… I swear they better be good! LOL!

30 10 2008

I found them alright.. lol That would have been an interesting package to get! Thanks though Zia 🙂

30 10 2008

I bet the soup will be delicious =) I hate the tiny AH stores! I don’t even know why they bother having them. There are a couple I specifically avoid around me because they never have what I need!

30 10 2008

Doesnt it just kill you to pay the price for some of the items here..lol I about cringe everytime we buy shampoo and other facial products..they cost so dang much!

1 11 2008

LOL that’s how much I paid for just the pumpkin in Nunavut and I thought I was getting a steal! Hope your soup was great!

2 11 2008

Jen – And I bet your pumpkin was the same size as mine… very small! I haven’t tried the soup yet, I made it with out adding the cream and froze it. I’m doing the squash next!

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