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21 10 2008
I’M GOING TO PARIS!! Ok, it is only for a day but still I’M GOING TO PARIS!! Yes, I have been there before but still I’M GOING TO PARIS!! And even though I have to do the touristy things along since Frank is working, it is ok because I’M GOING TO PARIS!! Now you might think I’m a little excited, ok… I am a little excited!  I’m going to go to the Louvre and the Eiffel Tower and the L’Arc de Triomphe and I’m going to be able to take pictures of Paris and not have to either cram myself against the bus window a la grade 10 band trip.  Or watch the city zip by in a car.  I am going to have Frank drop me off at one point and I’ll walk through the city to the next point.  It will be nice to see the Tower without the other 4 tour buses in front of it. 

I had a chance to go through the Louvre with my family back 17 years ago… wow… that was a long time.  But then I knew I wouldn’t appreciate the art work so I didn’t bother.  I stayed back while the rest went into get a peek at the Mona Lisa.  We saw the L’Arc de Triomphe and the Eiffel Tower and there are pictures of it somewhere in either my mother’s house or my aunt’s, but now I get to have my own. 

Another thing, I want to see if I can find some squash.  Acorn, butternut, spaghetti, I don’t care I just want edible squash.  Apparently squash isn’t a big thing in the Netherlands so finding the edible ones can be a bit tricky.  I’m not a huge squash fan but since I can’t find it readily find them like I can in Canada I have this massive craving for them.  Mmmmm roasted squash soup!  So now I hope I can find some in France. 

So if you missed it… I’M GOING TO PARIS!!


Pictures to follow when I return.







10 responses

22 10 2008

im so jealous…im so happy for you enjoy life the way it was intended to be…..

22 10 2008

I heard that you were going to Paris…any truth to the rumour?? ;-D

Have fun…and btw…a friend made an awesome pumpkin soup a couple of weeks ago. Apparently that’s the squash they tend to cook with here…

I found a recipe in La Marche’s magazine earlier this month: i may try it…

22 10 2008

Exciting, Paris is fun! This time of the year it isn’t usually to crowded either. You should look into buying your tickets for the Louvre online before you go so you don’t have to wait in that big line for tickets.
Funny about the squash I was just looking for some myself the other day. Drives me crazy you can’t find anything but zuccini.
Have a great trip!

22 10 2008

Joe- Thanks! I am just excited to get out for a day lol!

Beebs- I have no idea what you mean?? Rumour?? Paris? Oh so confused! 😛 I know I can get pumpkins, but I’m hoping for a squash, acorn or butternut preferably I have a great soup recipe that I want to try.

Penny – I just looked on line, but they deliver all the ticket to the house so I won’t have enough time… oh well… I guess I’ll have to wait in the line up lol. It will give me something to blog about later! I think I’m zucchini’d out to be honest… I have cooked it in every way possible, including muffins and bread. I’m done with the zucchini!

22 10 2008

Lucky you, hope you have fun on experience there. I went last year and it was kinda ehh. When you come back, make sure to wright about it and then I will share mine on my blog.

22 10 2008

Have a good time. Too bad you couldn’t stay an extra day. Be careful when you are wandering around alone.

23 10 2008

check for your spelling mistake…hee hee

23 10 2008
Breigh (Canadutch)

OMG Jealous!! Be sure to take a ton of photos!!

23 10 2008

I’m sure I saw a butternut squash (is that the one that is fatter at the bottom?) at the Vomar in Haarlem.

But unlike in Canada where pumpkin is for pie, it is treated as a veggie here, which it is.

Tried it years ago as a savory dish in Barbados and it was awesome…

24 10 2008

Ooh, enjoy! I know the AH XL here in Eindhoven has butternut squash. It is strange that it’s not more common here.

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