My favourite season of the year.

14 10 2008

Autumn has always been my favourite time of year, I love the warmish days and the crisp cool nights where you either need the extra blanket or the good old flannels.  I like being able to wear jeans and a light sweater with out suffocating from the heat or freezing to death.  But most of all I love the colours.  I love the changing leaves and the piles they make on the ground, or the crunch when you walk through it. 

Here in NL the fall is similar to the fall in the cities of Ontario, but to be honest it doesn’t come close to the colours you find up north (naturally).   But regardless I still like the cooler temps and the changing season.  Granted in this country I won’t have the winters that I’m use to, and well maybe that won’t be a bad thing. 

Frank took some nice pictures on the weekend on our ride home from Nijkerk.  He has a mushroom thing going here.                                                           

It was a beautiful autumn day on our way to Nijkerk and back, the sun was out and it didn’t start to get cold until we hit the outskirts of Amersfoort.  Even today was a great autumn day to head by bike to the grocery store.  I wish this could be the weather year round.  Hopefully tomorrow will be another beautiful autumn day, before the winter rains come.





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14 10 2008

I was admiring the beautiful autumn colours at the weekend too. It’s the best season but I am not enjoying leaving for work (7am) when it’s still dark! 😦

14 10 2008

Beautiful isnt it? Nature really shows it’s “true colors”, always somthing great about Autumn.

15 10 2008

I still get very confused this time of year…You may too, especially around November when you still see flowers blooming! I have to actually THINK about what month it is.

Living in northwestern Ontario most of my life, I am used to four distinct seasons (fall, winter, spring and erhm, construction!) highlighted by the Halloween sales followed by the Christmas sales.

The rainy winters and relative warmth, combined with the whole Sinterklaas thing followed by an understated Christmas season is something I’m still adjusting to.

Still, the lack of in-your-face consumerism is somewhat refreshing too…

15 10 2008

I already got confused when I see my neighbours flowers or my daisies still blooming away in the backyard.

The four distinct seasons… I think that’s what is going to get me this year…

May have to rectify the lack of snow with a trip to the mountains lol!

16 10 2008

Melissa! I laughed at your comment you left me even though I’m not sure what ” turning around and ripping a strip off her” meant. Tell me so I can rip peoples strips off too?! Haha 😉

It’s raining here today, but the past week or so here has surprised me! It’s been pleasantly nice! I loooooove to eat mushrooms but looking at those things creeps me out! Same thing with cows. Ew.

21 10 2008

“ripping a strip”…Lord I haven’t heard that since my dad used to say it! It means “give someone sh*t” to put it bluntly!

I thought of this blog post this weekend when visiting a Dutch friend who just returned from visiting a cousin in New Brunswick a week or so ago. She showed us pictures…and I had forgotten how RED the trees turn in the fall. My friend was just blown away; she had never seen colours like that before.

She’s now trying to talk her husband into moving (for that and the sour cream glazed donuts at Timmy Ho’s!), but he keeps saying “no”…lol…

21 10 2008

OMG love the sour cream glazed doughnuts… oh..mmmmmmm *drool*

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