Happy Gobble Gobble!

13 10 2008

Well Happy Thanksgiving everyone, here in the Netherlands they don’t celebrate this holiday so I miss out on the turkey and stuffing.  Also because I didn’t order the turkey in advance from the butcher… oh and because it costs a small mortgage to get one.  But nevertheless, I will have a turkey this year at some point.  Either for the US Thanksgiving in November (I’ll just stick a few Canadian Flags around the table) or at Christmas.   Either way I hope everyone enjoys/enjoyed their feast and gobble gobble!!!




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13 10 2008

What a coincedence! I was just responding to a comment on my blog today about pumpkin pie & stuck a few links up about Canadian Thanksgiving. 😉 Since a very good friend of mine moved to Canada with her husband, we are often sharing new recipes around this time of the year to try with our Thanksgiving dishes. I got desperate a few years ago and made my own stuffing. Albert Heijn sells turkey breasts [kalkoen], but I imagine you are like me: roasting a whole turkey on Thanksgiving is the BEST! 😉 Happy Thanksgiving to you!

13 10 2008

I also can’t believe the price for a turkey over here! I’ve been doing some research for American Thanksgiving and one butcher quoted me 30 euro for a 3 kilo bird. Chalk it up to another cultural/gustatorial difference – go to a freezer section in any large-ish American grocery store any day of the year and you can pick up a turkey. Happy Thanksgiving!

14 10 2008

Hi Melissa,
Happy Thanksgiving to you too! Your Mom told me about your blog and I have bookmarked it 🙂 I love reading about your adventures and looking at your great pics!
It looks like a beautiful country!!!
Thanks for sharing and have fun!
( St. Pius X school Mom)

15 10 2008
Dave Hampton

It must be a meme this week: I had the same thought last night. I was looking through the Albert Heijn for something for dinner, and realized that I had never seen turkey among all of the packages of chicken on the shelves. I think that the only answers are to either go back to the US or to find an ex-pat dinner here in Europe.

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