Ears like a little bat.

16 09 2008

While taking a break from stripping wallpaper for the majority of the morning, I thought it would be time to grab a quick snack before getting back to the grind.  So I made a favourite of mine, Knäckebröd (which is actually Swedish) and smeerkaas  (the Dutch version of cream cheese).  I sit down here at the computer to surf while eating when I feel a little pat on my leg.  I look down to see this…

Ignore the mess on the carpet, we are renovating and everything gets tracked through the living room.

What kills me is that he was outside, at the back of the yard sound asleep.  He didn’t even hear me make the snack.  It wasn’t until I took my first crunchy bite did the little beggar show up.  Of course he sat there and stared at me the entire time.  But not once did I bend, not once did he get just a smidgen of cheese or Knäckebröd.  Nope.. not… well ok, maybe just the corner of it.   How can you say no to a face like that??




7 responses

16 09 2008

LOL! Cute 🙂 He has supersonic hearing!

16 09 2008

Aww, schatje. Sadly, food is out dog’s only motivation towards anything. Gotta love them.

17 09 2008

Unfortunately he’s too cute for me to say no… 😛

18 09 2008

How could you resist????

21 09 2008
My Blog is Loved! : Canadutch

[…] blog because she’s snap happy like me and loves to take photos wherever she goes, she’s also crazy about her dog and has the redecoration bug.   Mostly because she’s an explorer and has gone to places […]

23 09 2008

my dogs are the same…can hear ANYTHING do do with food from km’s away..

your dog’s completely adorable!

28 09 2008

What a sweet dog! 🙂

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