He loves me, he loves me not

13 09 2008

I love flowers, that is no secret.  I love getting them, growing them, giving them, having them in the house, around the house, in my office (when I worked) anywhere.  So when Frank came home with 3 bouquets of flowers on Friday it was a great night. 

The orange flowers were to spruce the place up.  Flowers can add so much to a room.  And in this vase with those flowers it looks so nice in front of the new cabinets.

The roses were for our 2 year.  Yup 2 years, who would have thought eh?  We were going to go to Zandvoort for the weekend, since that was the first place we meet but the weather wasn’t going to hold out so instead we went shopping to get a new bookcase and paint for the hallway. 

And the big bouquet was for me getting my permit.  Yup the IND has decided that I can stay!!  Which now mean…. JOB HUNTING!!  Oh Lord how I needs me a job!!  So as soon as I get my CV together it will be massive pedal power to get my papers out there.  I don’t have my card yet, I will get a letter from the IND telling me when I can come get it in Zwolle.  Also now that I have my card I can start my Dutch lessons, which I am looking forward too.  So needless to say the flowers were a great surprise, especially since the weather has been so grey and miserable.  The flowers have brightened up the room. 

Thanks handsome 🙂




7 responses

13 09 2008

Beautiful flowers! 🙂
Good luck to you with your job hunting!

13 09 2008

Congrats on 2 years! And have fun job hunting!

14 09 2008

Thanks! The sad part is that I haven’t done a resume in 7 years. Oops.

14 09 2008

Feels great to know that you can stay, now that the waiting part is now over. That IND thing held up almost anything you could do, official things that is. Im a sucker for flowers, all of them are heel mooi.

16 09 2008

Do you know when you can start your lessons? I’ve been here a year and nothing as of yet. However Im not knocking on any doors begging for the lessons either..lol Congrats on the permit to stay:) I got my 5 year one a few months ago and it’s nice to get it out of the way for awhile. Good luck on the job hunt!!

18 09 2008

Wow…nice job Frank.

Congratulations on your papers…


21 09 2008

Gorgeous flowers. What a day brightener, and gerbra daisies are one of myf avorites.

Zandvoort isn’t far from where we live. Hope yáll get some great weather soon so you can go for the weekend.

Good luck with your classes.

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