Around the Town

10 08 2008

On the weekend Frank and I went into the city to go to the market and to do some shopping.  On the way there since we were kid free and dog free, I was able to stop a little more to take some pictures.  

This is a picture of the outer wall of the city.  Amersfoort has the two walls in it’s double wall defence.   On one side there was a cemetery and very old one.  I would have like to have gone inside but the door was locked.  I did manage to get a few pictures through the windows in the wall.   The openings on the other side of the wall far at the back lead to a park with a bike path.  



This is one of the small windows looking into the cemetery.  I did get a few pictures closer to the wall and inside the cemetery.  You can see those on flickr. 





This is one of the Churches in the centre of the city.  We were in the square at the markt.   The nice thing with the marktis that some of the fruits and veggies are cheaper, same as the eggs and the bread.  You can also sometimes get some good deals on other goods.  Frank also bought some saddle bags for his bike, this way when we go on the bike rides I’m not always the pack mule.



This is the Onze Lieve Vrouwentoren, or the “Long John” as a nickname by the people here in Amersfoort.  Way back in the day there used to be a church attached to the town, but an explosion back in the 1700’s destroyed the church and the tower managed to survive.  The square where the tower is still standing you can see the outline where the church was.   The tower is still one of the tallest medieval structures in the Netherlands.  It really is an interesting site to see this tower, because you notice it almost immediately as you enter the city. 





Here is the main road going through the centre of the city, Langestraat.  Along here, you will find pretty much anything you are looking for.   During the day after 12:00 I believe, they block off the street so car can not get through.  It makes it much easier to shop with out worrying about being hit by a car trying to cram yourself on those itty bitty things they call sidewalks.  We lucked out yesterday with nice weather and warm temps.  And now that I’ve gone the route a few times into the city, I’m pretty sure I can get there again on my own.  The confusing part is once I’m IN the city, not actually getting there.  With my luck I’ll take a wrong turn and end up in Utrecht or something.   But once I get the hang of it, I’ll be able to visit one of my favourite stores Dille & Kamille.   It’s a little pricey to be honest, but it is a one stop shop for many things that I want in the kitchen or the house.  Oh and I actually bought an apron (everyone in Canada you can stop laughing now).  I bought the thing because I’ve ruined enough shirts cooking, especially when I make the sauce.  I do need to go back and get more spice jars, I bought the little jars with the snap down lids like the old canning ones you see with preserves.   I would also like to get a few new place mats and a new bath mat,  so maybe sometime this week I’ll head to the city again if the weather holds up.



2 responses

10 08 2008

Happy birthday a few days late! I love Amersfoort, I have only been there once to shop but it was so quaint and I had a great time.
You know, I never wear an apron at home, I did in the cafe of course but when I am in the Nl I nearly always do.

11 08 2008

Thanks for the photos and some history. I have yet to get off the train in Amersfoort. I have only passed through! Some day!

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