Holy HOT batman!!!

31 07 2008

It’s not the heat, it’s the humidity.  Ok.. I can deal with that, after all I come from Windsor Ontario.  Humid Central.  BUT and a HUGE BUT in Windsor I had A/C.  Air conditioning, Airco, cold breeze, however you want to say it, my mom’s house was a little icebox.  I also had an air conditioning window unit at the apartment in Mississauga.  So going outside in the heat and coming inside there was a difference.  Here the only difference is the ground.  Carpet… grass….carpet….grass….

Alright… I shouldn’t complain about the weather, the sun is shining, the birds are singing, there isn’t a cloud in the sky,  but as I’m typing this right at this moment… right this very second… I’m sticking to the leather couch.  I can see a slight, and I do mean slight breeze outside but it’s not blowing in the right direction.  Oh and another wonderful thing is that here in the Netherlands, window screens really aren’t a huge thing.  So leaving my windows open usually means I have flies in the house.  Which I hate and go ballistic about.  But I noticed window screens aren’t a big thing anywhere in Europe.  I know we can get them and we just might, since I love having the windows open, especially the huge patio door.  But right now the number of mosquito bites I have is enough to drive me batty.

Ok.. enough with the complaining and whining, I’m going to go outside, slather on some oil and work on my tan with a good book!



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31 07 2008

It’s crazy, isn’t it? This weather!
Today I believe it might be better.. Though it’s hot. I actually have only gone outside to lower my zonnescherm [sun shade] over the patio. Thankfully I’ve got nothing to leave the house for today. No work or bicycle trips to the grocery store..

Keep cool in the heat & have a great day 🙂

31 07 2008

I share your pain. As much as I like a nice hot summer, the heat and damp here really are driving me up the wall. The houses just aren’t designed to stay cool and fending off mosquitoes is turning into a sport of Olympic proportions. 😦

1 08 2008

It’s just awful isnt it! It cooled down alot today wich is nice. I had all the windows open in hopes of cooling the house down. I love the sun but Im so sick of the humidity here!

1 08 2008

Today was great, it got a little humid in the house but cooled off quickly. Right now I am actually a bit chilly. But I’m not complaining!!

5 08 2008

I just mentioned on another blog that I can’t stand the humidify here. I am from New England, therefore used to the hot and humid unbearable summers. But for some reason it is different here. I think it is the lack of fans. We finally bought one (after me begging – what is it with the Dutch not owning them??) but unfortunately our son has it! He is more important after all. Glad the heat finally broke and it is summer again!

5 08 2008

I don’t think they own one because they feel they are going to get sick with the “draft” coming off the fan. I know in Italy my aunt had a fit anytime we opened our bedroom windows at night. Ok… 90F weather, two people in a room, and you want the windows sealed tight?? noooooooooooooooooo!!!
Here I notice that if the temps dip below 27C everyone has their winter jackets on and scarves around their necks. While I’m trying to find a clean pair of shorts to wear and a tank top. lol

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