Baarn on the Eem (seeing double?)

26 07 2008

Friday was a great day here in Amersfoort, the sun was shining, the wind was at a light breeze, and there wasn’t a cloud in sight.  Well at least for a little bit.  So Frank, Stoney and myself went for a little bike ride out to Baarn.   Baarn is a smaller city about 15 minutes from Amersfoort by train.  Baarn is a sleeper city since it is conveniently located near Amersfoort and Hilversum.  As well being on the main line for Amsterdam.  We started off in Amersfoort and then through Hoogland which is part of Amersfoort like Kattenbroek.   We then went down a country road towards Baarn, and country it was!  The aroma of the cows was just a bouquet of roses.  Of course we were downwind most of the time.  We finally got off the main road and when down a fietspad that took us right to the Eem River.   I guess the part of the path we were on was newly build because I can’t find it on the satellite image on “Google Maps”.  But I did get a few pictures of the bridge and on the bridge.  Note: Frank’s new snazzy glasses 😉 and the unimpressed look on Stoney’s face.  We then cycled along the railway tracks until we got to Baarn.  Once in Baarn there really isn’t much to do on the outskirts of it so we followed the shoreline and had a little stop for Stoney to do his business and Frank could dip his toes in the Eem.  I was going to, but changed my mind quickly after taking a peek at the water.. yuck.  We thought we should head back, since it looked like rain was on the horizon.  And being in the Netherlands, the horizon can be quite far off, but rain travels fast.  But to get on the other side of the water without backtracking we had to go a bit out of our way to Eembrugge and then cut across.   We were in sheep and cow country again, our noses pointed that out quickly.  I did get some pictures of the fields and a few with Baarn in the far distance.   Stoney was get anxious to get home and becoming very whinny especially when Frank had to take my bike (which is broken AGAIN) for a quick ride to see what was making the noise.  he would whine and try to get out of the basket.  A couple times passing the sheep he would sit up and try to see over the small hills to get a better look.  I think he wanted to play, not sure they really wanted to play with him though.  After a little jaunt through cow/sheep/smelly animal country we ended up on the outskirts of Amersfoort again and back tracked our way home.  For more pictures go to the flickr site I have, link to the right.  There are more pictures there that I took during the bike ride, and of course more pictures in general that I took that I can fit on my blog.



4 responses

26 07 2008

I like the last shot you took. Nice glasses. How about a picture of you?

27 07 2008

wow that’s a long ride! I wish I had that energy and stamina!

Lovely pics 🙂

27 07 2008

Thanks, it was a good ride. I started to feel it at the end and at that point just wanted to get home. After a while the bottom end gets sore and still is!

Mom: I’m the one with the camera so hard to take pictures of me 😛

29 07 2008

You have some really nice photos! That looks like a great trip. I am positive my monster dog would never stay in the basket!

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