Doggy in a basket

25 07 2008

Stoney can now join the ranks of the Dutch by being able to enjoy a nice bike ride!  The other day we bought him a basket that attaches to the front of my bike.  I have him harnessed inside with a towel down for a little comfort.  The basket is big enough for him to sit up, but because it get narrow at the bottom he can’t quite lay down all the way.  I’m going to put another blanket around the sides of the basket to make it a bit more cushier for him.   He’s taking the whole ride thing in stride, and I think he realizes that now he gets to come with us instead of staying home with the mean hissy pissy cat!  I like that I can take him pretty much anywhere we go now, and the weather has finally started to warm up and the sun is out.  So I think tonight we can go for another bike ride to Hoogland, and out a bit ways near Soest or Baarn.  Hopefully tomorrow will be another nice day so we can go out again, maybe pack a picnic and let the dog run around some fresh land.  Just pray the rain holds off for another 2 days.  Otherwise he will be subjected to riding in the basket again WITH the orange rain coat, like down below.



2 responses

2 08 2008

Love the raincoat and Stoney in the basket!!!!!

2 08 2008

He wasn’t’ too impressed on his first ride, but now it’s almost like he can’t wait to go.

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