Day 30

18 07 2008

Melissa’s log:  The rain hasn’t stopped; it has been raining now for 2 weeks.  The sun no longer shines.  The grass may be green, the plants growing, the streets washed clean but the dog now stinks, the cat won’t go outside. 

The rain comes in sheets, in drizzle, in spurts. 

Everything is wet.  Cold.  Grey. 

I can’t dry the clothes outside, I can’t get to the vegetables in the garden, I can’t cut the grass.  

Mind going….dog whining….must get sunshine.


UPDATE: Thanks to my mom, who may be retired as a teacher, but still corrects my grammar 🙂 – UPDATE: I’ve added the comma.



4 responses

18 07 2008

That’s a shame. It is sunny, sunny and 90 here- so sunny…so sunny..sunny….sunny..sun…sun…sun… Did I mention it is sunny here?

18 07 2008

Ya ya ya…

19 07 2008

The grass maybe green

Should be

The grass may be green.

20 07 2008

Comma should be before the word but. :0)

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