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13 07 2008

If you take a peek to the right ———–>  yup over there and go down a little, no a bit further… little more.. ok.. there that should be good.  See the pictures?  Well if you click on those pictures it will take you to a site called “flickr” and on there you can see the pictures that I haven’t put on here.  On the blog I can only put so many pictures up with out it getting to be too much and slowing the load time.  This way I can put the pictures up and you can take a look and still comment if you wish or just scan through them.

Now it’s going to take some time to get all my pictures up, since Flickr has an upload maximum per month unless I upgrade.  Which would mean pay money.  So that means no, I’ll deal with the maximum and try to get as many pictures as I can on there and a variety of them. 

I will also try to get some of my older pictures up also, but again since I have a monthly limit it might take some time.

Either way, take a peek 🙂



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13 07 2008

Hey now that you have clickr you can use pictobrowser when you want to show a set of photos all at once, or photos with the same tags or whatever. Here’s a link:

You can see it in action here at the end of the post about pixel:

and I also use it on my sidebar for the pics of NL.

Flickr is great, it’s so worth the fee to have a pro account 🙂

17 07 2008

Nice pictures. I ran one off and put it in a frame

17 07 2008

which one?

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