26 06 2008

One thing about the Netherlands that I love, are the cheap flowers!  I have mentioned this before that I can get flowers here for a really good price.  Yesterday they had sunflowers out in the store, so of course I had to get some.  I bought 10 sunflowers for 8 Euros, basically 12.00 Canadian!  You can’t get sunflowers that cheap in Canada, nor can you get 20 roses for 5.00 Canada, which I did get the other day.  With flowers this cheap there’s no excuse for Frank not to buy them for me, which he has done for just a treat to bring home.  I have a little flower shop right in Emiclaer where I can stock up, and it is right in front of the grocery store so I HAVE to walk right by coming and going.  The flowers call me and I always have to stop to see what new ones they had.  They had peonies a little while ago, but I didn’t get any because they were a bit more expensive then what I wanted to pay.  I think they were 5,99 (euro) for a bunch of 5.  Doesn’t sound like much of a difference but converting it to Canadian, it adds up.  My lavender is also growing quite nicely in the backyard, I’ve also noticed that there is a ton of lavender just growing around Amersfoort, I should go pick it when it is in full bloom and dry it.  But right now I’m just going to sit back and look at the pretty bunches of sunshine in my living room.




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