Over use of cellophane.

25 06 2008

There is something I don’t understand in this country, and that is the need to wrapped vegetables up in cellophane instead of letting them be free. If I want a red pepper I have to exam it through the plastic wrap. I don’t get why they would do this, more hygienic? But you can touch the broccoli or zucchini or carrots with your bare hands to put them in the bag. I personally just find it to be a waste of plastic, especially in this day and age of trying to reduce, reuse and recycle. It just gives me more garbage to throw out. I know there is a little farmer up the road where I can go, but he doesn’t always have the vegetables that I need. Growing my own is an option, but I don’t have the backyard space and with Stoney around he does need some grass.  I’m trying hard to do my part with recycling in the house and reducing garbage.  We put all our scraps into the green bin, cardboard boxes are broken down put into the blue bin along with paper.  I use reusable bags to go shopping, not because they charge 10 cents for a bag but because I really don’t need that many bags in the house especially since I buy groceries daily.  So by the produce people, wrapping my veggies in suffocating plastic it just drives me nuts.  Let them be free!  A happy pepper is an unwrapped pepper.



2 responses

29 06 2008

So you’re running a campaign for naked vegetables? LOL

29 06 2008

Well I’ve seen what some of the people look like, and trust me naked vegetables is a better option.

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